Adding a sub-field

Is it possible to add, or can a sub-field be added?
I'd like to add a sub field within the "Wallet" folder. I would like to add for a Medical card, Perscription card, you know, the various insurance cards.
This could also include for auto insurance information.

Thank you again. This is a nice product.



  • You can use the "Notes" field for this
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    Thanks for the suggestion, Jackie, and welcome to the forum!
  • Thank you, I'll look at utilizing "Notes".
  • Because I want cross-platform availability I'm looking at the demo version with a view to migrating from another similar utility. I too wondered about additional (missing fields, like 2nd mobile number) and I too thought about notes, however, wouldn't it be a good idea if the login/wallet/account entity each had a button to link directly to the named associated note entity ?
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    Welcome to the forum, deejay!

    The kind of link you describe has been discussed here in the forum, not too long ago.

    Any change like that would require tight coordination of development and simultaneous release across all our 1Password products on all the supported platforms, so it's not a small or simple task.

    That said, it's an interesting idea (if only as an alternative to more robust customization options), and we consider them all when planning for future releases.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
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