I had to erase my hard drive and am reinstalling my 1Password that I thought was saved to an externa

I can't seem to install 1Password again and all the passwords that we're a part of it.

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Referrer: forum-search:How do I reinstall my 1Password from an external hard drive to my iMac?


  • Is/was your 1Password with a standalone licence or a subscription licence?
    Did/do you backup your Mac/PC? (Crashplan, Backblaze, Arq, ...)

  • ...can you be more specific; do you mean you cannot reinstall the 1Password app itself or that you can't find your data in the app?

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    Hello @sabella1942

    Recovering 1Password all has to do with how you have been using it. If you have a 1Password membership download 1Password from https://1password.com/downloads/. When you first open it, click the 1Password.com option under "Used 1Password before?" and enter in all your account information. All your data should be there and be ready to go. :)

  • I've downloaded 1Password 7 and didn't know how to transfer my 1Password 6 data from my external hard drive so I've started to installing as new into the new 1Password 7 one at a time having to create new passwords which is time consuming and I have no way to identify all that were listed in the old program

  • @sabella1942 Is your v6 standalone? ...sounds like it is. Are you using any sync option (eg: iCloud or Dropbox)?

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    Indeed, how were you using 1Password before, back when you were using 6? Did you sync your data somehow, perhaps with Dropbox or iCloud?

  • I backed up every day to an external 1TB Lacie, iCloud was automatically backing up. I never used DropBox. I used to press the sync on 1Password. I used 1Password it to access all my accounts where a password was required and I started using 1Password when living in Aurora and you guys were in Aurora at the time too.

  • hmm. Not aware of any automatic backup to iCloud on a Mac.

    With what software did you backup daily to your external Lacie? Can you restore it from there - probably best to install v6 first (run it once to check everything) and then install v7 over the top where it can recognise the v6 install.

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    @sabella1942 Alright, so iCloud. When you open up 1Password 7 on your Mac you should be greeted by a Welcome Screen that looks like this:

    Under "Used 1Password before?" click the iCloud option. Assuming you are signed in to the same iCloud account, that should locate your data and sync it with your Mac. If you don't see that screen when you open 1Password, let me know what you do see.

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    I guess I hit 1Password.com, I'm already in and have added some contacts
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    @sabella1942 - sounds good! Is everything OK now, or do you still need assistance?

  • I wanted to install the backup of 1Password from my hard drive but Corey said I should have used "sync using iCloud". When I first install 1Password 7 I clicked 1Password.com instead of sync using iCloud. I believe I will have to delete the program and reinstall it only this time clicking on sync using iCloud. Do you agree?

  • I'm not able to delete the 1Password on my computer. How can I download the 1Password from sky iCloud to the system now on my computer

  • There is some guidance in this recent post of mine which will help you to revert to your working 1Password 6 system. However, I'm not sure that is strictly necessary because I think you may be able to go to 1Password 7 > Help > Troubleshooting > Reset All 1Password Data then go to 1Password 7 > Preferences > Sync and set up again the vault you sync with iCloud.

    If you have any further problems, or need more help, just post here and a real expert will help you.


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    @sabella - you can do as @Stephen_C suggests -- reset your data -- and it will be as if you're a first-time user. This time, choose iCloud as your data source, and (assuming you're using the same iCloud account on all devices), you should be good to go.

  • I went through the steps but the Welcome to 1Password installation comes up (start My Trial) I click on "Sync using iCloud" but no Vaults come up

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    @sabella1942 -- are you using the same iCloud account on this Mac that you are elsewhere?

  • Yes, for over a year. The reason I deleted everything on my hard drive was something that infected it. An Apple tech helped me to delete and reinstall High Sierra. I am picking programmes and files from iCloud to download. Would the 1Password6 be on my external hard drive and would it work with the 1Password 7. Would 1Password identify only the files associated with 1Password from the hard drive.

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    @sabella1942 We should be able to help you get things imported from your external drive. I see you emailed us too so I'm going to reply to that and get things moving.

    ref: VRT-49496-547

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