Asked for another subscription plan even though I've already paid for one

I have paid for the product and I would to get it working again after it stopped a week ago (it states that the trial period is over and I have to pay for the full product, but I already have). Downloading from the 1Password website seems to want to force me on to a subscription payment plan ( I.e. a fixed monthly fee) but I have already paid for it. I cannot remember whether I originally downloaded it from Apple or 1Password but you do have a purchase history on Apples app site.

1Password Version: 7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac OS High Sierra
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    Hi @Max_kinder

    1Password 7 for Mac is a new product and requires either a 1Password membership subscription or the purchase of a 1Password 7 for Mac license. We’d recommend the membership, which you can read more about here:

    What are the benefits of a 1Password membership?

    If you decide you’d like to go the standalone license route (sans-membership) you can purchase a license within the 1Password 7 app when you download it from our website:

    Licenses are $65, but for a very limited time are on sale for $50. Licenses are no longer available through the Mac App Store. We wrote about why here:

    Getting 1Password 7 ready for the Mac App Store - AgileBits Blog

    I hope that helps!


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    Hi Ben,

    I dont think this has done the trick. I only downloaded 1Password 7 because 1password 6 - which I have been using for the last year now - stopped working about two weeks back. It switched me to the free trial out of the blue even though I had already purchased and had been using 1password 6 for a long time.

  • normskynormsky
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    You have your Secret Key, right?

    Does this happen after you login using you Secret Key on 1PW7 downloaded from the main website?

    Try to uninstall your current 1PW app. The install 1PW7 from Apple Store on your Mac.

  • Hi Normsky,
    Many thanks. I am not sure what you mean by Secret Key. Do you mean my password for 1Password access?

  • normskynormsky
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    Hi @Max_kinder

    Your Secret Key is 34 letters and numbers, separated by dashes. It’s stored on devices you’ve used to sign in to your account, and in your Emergency Kit. Only you have access to it. Your Secret Key works with your Master Password – which only you know – to encrypt your data and keep it safe.

    You can find the information about Secret Key here:

    You can locate your Secret Key by following these steps:

    Have you contacted Support via [email protected]? If so please do and explain what is going on. That way they can locate and check your account and fix your issue you are having.

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    @Max_kinder: Thanks! I see that you've also contacted us via email, so we can continue the conversation there to avoid confusion. We'll get back to you shortly! :)

    ref: UEU-56221-438

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