Keychain to OPVault upgrade.... and "merge" failure

Hi guys
YAAAASSSSSSSS 1PW for Windows makes it to Dropbox syncing! HU-blimmin-ZAH!

one teensy gripe for those of us that have been around since year zero. I finally had to capitulate and upgrade my original primary vault from keychain to OPVault. (I forget why I never upgraded waaaay back when- there was something very nervy about the mac/win interactions between vs3&4)
It would have been somewhat pragmatic to be able to do this in 1PW6 on the mac (as that is it's primary residence) but of course 1PW7WinBeta takes a lead in this as it needs the vault to be OP Vault (perils of Betas etc etc- not got an issue here).
However as 1PW6Mac has no obvious means of doing the vault upgrade I let 1PW7Win take care of business- all fine and dandy so far!

What has somewhat peeved me (little peeve; this is Beta territory, I know!) was that on repointing 1PW6Mac to my new shiny Primary Vault and all it's OPVault Loveliness was that it decided I needed to "Merge" the files. Now forgive me and my cross-atlantic comprehension of the English language; but, ordinarily, when merging is introduced as a concept it generally implies that a degree of de-duping is going to take place- possibly even more so when there is no other option given to reattach (or should I have tried to "Import" my Primary vault?) - so imagine the slightly horrified look on my face when my vault literally doubled in size!
I've just completed removing nearly 900 duplicate entries from my shiny new vault- thankfully I'm quite tidy when it comes to data housekeeping so it wasn't too arduous- but it was a right pain in the proverbial.

I've waited very (OK - mostly) patiently for the Dropbox syncing version of 1PWWin to resurface (dontcha just lurrrve corporate networks) as 1PW FOURWin was starting to look very very out of place. And I fully accept that my actions as a beta tester and their consequences are fully my own responsibility.
But pretty please, for those less tech savvy than I, that are still locked into some tech doldrum not entirely of their own making (viz Corporates) please make any Vault upgrading slightly less irksome- maybe a dedupe functionality for all types now that unified vaults are here again for all?

1Password Version: 7.0.540 (Win), 6.8.8 (Mac)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win 10 Pro, MacOS 10.13.4
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Oh goddesses...
    is it going to do this twice over again when I reconnect the iPhone and the iPad? :'(:'(

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    HI @AUM3RLE,

    Thanks for writing in.

    We do apologize, we are trying to figure out a smoother process for everyone, 1Password for macOS and iOS were developed in a different era where it wasn't expected to be able to switch formats for the primary vault.

    You aren't supposed to merge vaults at all, the app needs to start over to use the OPVault version. We don't have an idea yet on how to make this better for everyone but we're working with the 1Password for macOS team to figure out a better approach.

    Since 1Password 7 Beta for Windows does not touch your original AgileKeychain vault and you have a backup, the best approach we have right now for you is to reinstall 1Password for iOS on your iOS devices, once you open it, you can point it to the OPVault file in your Dropbox folder. For macOS, you have to reset the database described in this article.

  • Hi Mike
    thanks for the reply- yes that will at least make it easier on the iOS devices
    Maybe something in the MacOS version for us oldtimers about upgrading those old agile keychains (there doesn't seem to be any means of doing so anymore because it's so long ago; frightened myself when I saw the OPvault introduction dates!)
    and definitely a heads up in the Beta docs for Windows that it WILL upgrade to OPVault and pointing us to that article beforehand.
    I don't expect there will be thousands of us in this predicament, but as the reason I hadn't upgraded the primary all those years back was related to a disparity between the two versions, its probably safe to say anyone who purchased a bundle licence may well hit the same icky fillip to the process

    OH BTW- its far and away the prettiest looking thing on my Win10 desktop- thank you!

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    Hi @AUM3RLE,

    This is one of the areas where the feature is so large that it would take several beta updates to finish and polish, especially as it is one of the key new features of the first 1Password 7.0 stable release and something that has never been implemented before (1Password 4 is a separate codebase). Not to mention, two separate keychain formats (AgileKeychain and OPVault), a decade worth of format evolution that we have to accommodate, and so on. Just to be clear, we do not ship untested builds, we make sure your data is not affected and being aggressive with backups.

    The good news is that we're working on a beta update that will allow the conversion to be done in a way that it can be merged with the same vault of different type in other 1Password apps.

    OH BTW- its far and away the prettiest looking thing on my Win10 desktop- thank you!

    That's wonderful, thank you for saying that and on behalf of our team, you're welcome. The best part is that we're not even done, the 7.0 stable release is just the first milestone but we have so many planned updates coming and we'll continue the evolution of 1Password design, check out how it used to look in its first ever release via 1Password 6 here.

  • Mike sorry to return to this thread...
    but following some odd behaviour and an unexpected upgrade to 7 on the Mac I decided to follow our earlier advice and perform a reset. Which works great up to the point of not duplicating everything, but not so great as being unable to attach my existing secondary vault.
    I can create new vaults till I'm blue in the face; but connecting to an existing vault (one that syncs already to multiple devices) appears to be impossible.
    Any more handy hints?

  • Ignore my previous- found it here
    For anyone arriving here

    Double Click to Open the vault as though it were an ordinary file and 1PW will import the vault

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    Hi @AUM3RLE,

    Thanks for the update, I'm glad you got it worked out. On macOS, you double click on the vault files because they're files on macOS but on Windows, they're folders. So, you'd have to open it as such via 1Password menu > Open vault on this PC. I'll ask if the macOS team can add the same menu option on their side.

    ref: OPW-1556

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