1Password does not convey user name and password from the app or mini to the log in

I am having a problem with my 1Password6 in that all of a sudden it was not populating the user names and passwords of the sites I wanted to connect to using either the primary 1P program or the mini - no information was/is being conveyed. This was happening whether the action was initiated from my Mac OS Version 10.13.4 via Safari version 11.1 or my iPad IOS 11.4. All was working fine in the AM then without any changes to my Mac or iPad (that I can tell) stoped working later in the day. I've made some checks that I could think of i.e., make sure that preferences in the browser is set to automatically transfer data, and that the edit button is set to "Submit when enabled" or "Always". That's about as far as I was able to go.

While I was searching through info on 1Password7 I may have inadvertently moused over a link that downloaded 1P7 software and made it ready to install as soon as I restart my computer. All of my 1Password apps were purchased through the Apple stored I think that this download came from the vendor. How can I get the 1P7 program from installing? Do you think that this issue could be resolved if I install 1P7 from the Apple store.

Need help please. I don't want to do anything at this stage that will make the condition worse.

1Password Version: 6.6.8. on Mac
Extension Version: no extensions listed
OS Version: MacOS V10.13.4
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @jmssrg10134

    I think that installing 1Password 7 from the App Store would almost definitely not improve the situation, as that would require a 1Password membership, which it doesn’t sound like you have? Please check which version of 1Password you’re currently running and let us know v6.6.8 would be outdated at this point. You should be running v6.8.9.



  • Thanks Ben. I am running 1P v 6.8.8 (688001). However, miraculously, all started working again from my MacBook Pro running Mac OS 10.13.4 and Safari v 11.1 without my doing anything. It still does not work from my iPad. I'll come back to this later. My concern now is that as mentioned, I may have accidentally downloaded a version of 1P7 and that it is ready to install when I restart my computer. My guess is that if I did, it was probably through Agile bits which would be worse since all I have now was bought from Apple through the App Store. Do you know how I can tell if this is the case and if so, how can I not install 1P7 at this time?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    @jmssrg10134 - There isn't a version of 1Password 7 for Mac's installer that runs on restart of which I'm aware. The package installer from our website is something you have to proactively download and run, just like any other application bundled with a .pkg extension. It doesn't auto-run on restart, and even if it did, there would be a "Cancel" button in the installer at one point, and maybe more. So I wouldn't worry about that.

    Let us know if you need further assistance with the iPad.

    ref: PEB-75115-349

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