Imac + MacBook

I bought a perpetual license (beta) and installed this license on Imac27 with backup under dropbox. I want to install under McBook but impossible to configure under the McBook and despite the different emails exchanged with different "technicians" they have not yet found solutions
Who can help me find the ideal procedure because apart from doing tests and send them to 1password, it's been 3 weeks since my problem vegetates
thank you

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    Welcome to the forum, @jeamy! I'm sorry for the difficulties and the frustration. It's usually better to keep communicating in one method rather than to contact us at multiple points of contact, since that forces us to coordinate multiple conversation strings among multiple people, and complicates and slows the support process for everyone, including you.

    It looks as if my colleagues Laura and Frank were able to finally get you set up and working properly? The latest emails are more recent than this thread here, so as long as everything's OK, no need to do anything else. If you're still having troubles, however, definitely let us know via email. Thanks!

  • Hello
    Sorry to have taken several places to try to find a solution to a problem that had lasted for too long
    Laura explained me well and help and my worries are all solved
    Great respect to Laura and all my consideration for her sense of explanation
    Thanks also to all the speakers in this problem. Miantant it's past and it's a pleasure to use 1Password7 on all my devices
    Good luck to make us appreciate your software even more
    Happy weekend and the best for you
    Respectful greetings
    Subject to close

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    @jeamy - thanks for the follow-up; I'm glad to hear things are all set. Have a great weekend! :)

    ref: CYC-63316-788

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