How to install 1Password 7 - Mac, without the Family Plan option

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I have 1Password 6 on several Macintoshes and want to continue syncing my main account via Dropbox.

At one point I set up a Family account, and have a small shared account.

When I upgrade to 1Password 7 on one of my Macs, it makes it the Family account, and does not give me the Syncing option for Dropbox.

A different Mac with 1Password 7 does give me that option.

I have deleted 1Password 7 on the Family account Mac, and tried to go back to 1Password 6, but that fails.

How do I get 1Password 7 to install without the Family options.

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    I found some relief from a post by Stephen in this forum. Not sure how to link to it, but here's the content.

    For anyone reading this thread, when you install 1Password 7 it should create for you, in your Applications folder, a zipped copy of your 1Password 6 installation. You should be able to revert to that by:

    In 1Password 7, going to 1Password 7 > Help > Troubleshooting > Reset All 1Password Data
    Then quitting 1Password 7 completely by pressing control + option + command + Q.
    Then double clicking on the 1Password file to restore the 1Password 6 installation.
    Warning: I do not use the subscription service (I have a standalone licence) so am unsure whether this works as advised if you had an existing account on that service when you installed 1Password 7.


  • Just in case anyone wants to see the original post it's here.


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    Thanks for the assist, @Stephen_C. Glad to hear you were able to find a solution @lotec. :)


    ref: ZUI-95962-411

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