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I am using 1Password X to login but when it asks for the 2FA one time password the 1password icon doesn't show up on the input field so I have to right click -> show 1password, and then it appears and I can fill the one time password. This is kinda inconvenient. The desktop app with its extension puts in on my clipboard after I log in and I very much like that.

Also is there a possibility to have a shortcut that automatically fills the information like ctrl(cmd)+/ does on the desktop + extension version? It would also be faster, and even more productive.


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  • daltondalton

    Team Member

    Hey @mrblaise! Thanks for sharing your concerns here. There are some limitations surrounding how browser extensions control the clipboard so we haven't built that functionality into 1Password X. Instead, we're focusing on trying to just fill OTP codes for you so that you don't have to worry about it. We've implemented our first run at this behavior in the latest beta version if you're interested in trying it out. You can download the beta from the Chrome Web Store:

    1Password X Beta

    As you rightly pointed out, 1Password X doesn't have any shortcuts for filling like you might be used to with the 1Password extension. We're hoping that the inline menu fills this gap by offering a more direct approach as to where you want 1Password to fill. Hopefully you've been finding it as useful as I have.

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