So, the new Official Release is kewl and all, but...

bored now... when we gonna get some new betas to hem and haw over?

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  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @AlwaysSortaCurious,

    :) You really had me going there.

    This time, we're doing something we haven't done in a while, which is optimizations. We have some subsystems in our codebase that is struggling with multiple things working at the same time, which causes some odd UI glitches that people are reporting like clicking an item doesn't render it or 1Password extension struggle to show up after waking up.

    Before we can add more features, we need to optimize these subsystems first, so the next few updates is actually going to be boring ones, mostly optimizations and bug fixes.

  • Lol... no worries. And yes, I might have been having a little fun with the title.

    Optimization’s work for me too... I can hem and haw over those. I have a low end, but relatively newish laptop (1yr or 2yr) that struggles a little with 1Password since the specter patches.. ok, not just 1password, but optimizations are always appreciated.

  • brentybrenty

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    Hehe. Not as exciting as new features, but I'll be glad for some performance improvements as well. Cheers! :)

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