The 'Subscribe today' popup blocks my chrome extension, despite me having a licence and working app?

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So, I got a previous version of 1Password and have my vault on dropbox. I created a new file type for the vault as instructed but now my chrome extension won't work as it blocks me with a 'subscribe today' popup. There is an option to purchase a licence but not input an existing one.

The desktop app is working just fine. It's only the chrome extension I'm being blocked from using. It's not something that will make me sign up for a subscription but it is super inconvenient.

As the app is working fine, it seems like a bug...

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @lukef,

    Are you signed in to a membership account? Please check in 1Password > Preferences > Accounts. If not... Is this happening in 1Password 7 for Mac? If so, did you purchase a new 1Password 7 for Mac license? Licenses for previous versions do not apply to v7.

    Please let us know.


  • Thanks for explaining. I've uninstalled 7 and gone back to the whichever version I got from the app store.

    My feedback would be that I'm a fan of the app and might have been interested in 7 - however, I seem to have slipped through the cracks, in terms of communication of the above. I had no idea 7 came with a new price tag and the frustration it has caused has left a bit of a bad taste. I'm not sure I understand what I would be getting for that additional cost - I'll revisit it when I have some time to research the benefits.

    All the best and keep up the good work!


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Thanks for the feedback Luke. Are you subscribed to our newsletter? We did send one out with the information.

    News about keeping your passwords secure | 1Password

    It is also availabe on our blog, here:

    1Password 7 for Mac: The Best Ever - AgileBits Blog

    I understand if you don’t have time to research now, but our introductory sale pricing will be ending any time now, so you may miss out on that. Unfortunately I’m not able to issue any ‘rain checks,’ so I wanted to make sure you had a heads up on it.


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