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What have I done?

I upgraded my 1password (from a fresh install a month ago) and now I only see the intro screen saying use existing or new data file. Where is my existing datafile? I've searched my timemachine drive and my boot drive for any files starting with 1password and can't seem to find anything that looks like a data file.

What is the file called that I need to search for?

The program now seems unregistered as well.

I also don't have a 1P in my browser (firefox or safari).

I really hope you're not going to tell me I've lost everything - that would be tragic.

I'm using snow leopard


  • macpugmacpug Agile Customer Care
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    Hi. I'm sorry for your trouble. Your data should be fine and you should be able to choose 'existing data file' and point to your data file. By default, the data file is at Your_Home_Folder > Library > Application Support > 1Password > 1password.AgileKeychain. Alternately, if you didn't upgrade your data file prior to upgrading to v3, it might be at Users > Your_Home_Folder > Library > 1Password.keychain. I hope that helps. If you're still having trouble with it, please send us an email to [email protected]. Please link to this post so we can "connect the dots".
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