saving an edited entry in a smart folder generates an error and the password item is then lost!

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When I edit an entry that is in a smart folder produces an error message:

NOT NULL constant failed:

or some such error message. After you click OK (you have no choice), the entry you were editing seems to disappear from the local vault that is being synced by dropbox. No amount of searching seems to find the entry you were editing. The password entry appears to have been lost.

Fortunately, if one is fast enough, and you have another device (say an iOS based device), you may still be able to find that original password entry. I can make some minor edit on the iOS device, and then due to dropbox sync the edited entry will re-appear in the macOS vault. The iOS device using dropbox sync does NOT see the original edit from macOS. After the minor edit is made from the iOS device, the item re-appears under macOC as the iOS minor edited entry.

Editing an item that is not part of a smart folder under macOS appears to work normally. Editing an entry under, say "All Items" that happens to also be in a Smart Folder, appears to work normally. It is only when one edits an entry from within a Smart Folder that causes the problem.

This problem appears to have started with 1Password version 7.0.6 although it may also be a bug in version 7.0.5 (I did not make any edits and the 7.0.6 update came out before I had a chance to test 7.0.5). This was not a problem prior to version 7.0.5.


1Password Version: 7.0.6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.13.5
Sync Type: dropbox, iCloud
Referrer: forum-search:editing an entry in a smart folder produces an error message and the entry is lost


  • @chongo:

    No amount of searching seems to find the entry you were editing. The password entry appears to have been lost.

    This problem also occurred with version 7.0.5. One temporary "solution" discovered then, which worked for me and at least enabled re-discovery of the "lost" entry, was to lock and unlock 1Password again. I know that's not a fix for the problem but it may at least allow you and anyone else reading this thread to retrieve data which otherwise appears to be lost.


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    Thanks Stephen!

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    Indeed, I'm sorry for the trouble there, but glad that Stephen was able to offer that workaround. Please let us know if you run into any further issues though!

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