BGR: "[...] acquisition talks underway" [Acquisition rumours false]


  • PatrickSPatrickS Junior Member

    Oh thank God. If that would‘ve been true, the Windows app would be dead.

    This tweet is like a second independence day for my Windows-iOS combo ;)

  • @wkleem iCloud Keychain is off for me too. It’s a glorified browser password saver to me. 1Password does way more than Keychain also. It’s like comparing a bicycle to an automobile. Both will get you from point A to point B, but an automobile has a radio, AC, faster, carries more, and a lot more than a bicycle.

  • Well,
    1) it is kewl that a large enterprise like them will be using this (Is that part of the reporting true?)
    2) I hope you remain independent. While BGR is standing behind its reporting, what it means is that it is standing behind its source. I would be way disappointed if it ended up being true, but then again, we all know, the majority of users would shrug and the brand would pass to Apple.

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