When I create a new Login entry, I'm getting a 2nd Password entry created as well

Everytime I add a new Login or Update an existing login, I'm ending up with two entries in my 1Password vault: A "login" entry and a "password" entry created in my vault. This is really confusing and is something I'd like to turn off. I only want the "login" entry.

1Password Version: 7.1.567
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    Greetings @zacwolf,

    Are you using 1Password's Password Generator to generate a new password each time? Both 1Password for Mac and Windows will create the Password items to act as a backup, just in case anything went wrong in the autosave portion. The idea is so that in the worst case you still have a copy of the generated password. Now what really should happen is that when you save or update a Login item that 1Password should delete the redundant Password item. 1Password for Mac does this but it is something where 1Password for Windows has catching up to do. For now it will be the case of manually deleting them I'm afraid until the developers find the time to correct this. It is undoubtedly annoying and I will be happy once 1Password for Windows isn't needlessly leaving the Password items lying around.

    ref: opw-1051

  • Ahhhh, OK, at least that makes sense. I'll look forward to the patch that will add it to Windows. Thanks.

  • You and I both @zacwolf :smile: Hopefully clearing up the Password items isn't too annoying or needed too frequently.

  • Well unfortunately, since they added the "Data Breach" reporting I've been going down my entire list and updating password and deleted accounts I'm not longer user, and updating (via generation) a new password for each, so...

    Yeah, it's kind of a hassle. But now that I know what's going on I can just round them all up at the end and Move to Trash. Like you said, there is the added bonus of having it created right away incase the reset process takes longer than the password stays in the clipboard, so that could have saved me some work.

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    Yeah it isn't really a fun task, but at least having a list to go through with Watchtower makes it actionable and manageable. Cheers! :)

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