Safari Extension BROKE after membership canel

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Tried to use 1Pass membership and server to sync all devices in osX/iOS only. Ended with devices that were not syncing properly and no notification of such. After many weeks of trying to fix with mis-information and delays from support decided to cancel. Now Safari extension is only showing screen to purchase membership. My email to support has not been answered. I would delete and reinstall, but i do not feel that I should have to jump through hoops because Agile programmed 1Pass to HIJACK my data. Will be looking at other options.


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    @mkevin: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion! Indeed, if you canceled your membership, the account will be "frozen". But, contrary to a data "hijack", you can still view and export your data. I don't see anything from weeks ago, only a single email from you from yesterday, but I'll reply there shortly to see what I can do to help.

    ref: PEI-66869-255

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    i Spent 5+6+7+8 2018,trying to repair and setup to not fail Agile sync while it was not telling me that the vault I was using on one device was not allowed to sync and reverting to a different Vault with no notice. # devices and a web database should be easy with error flag to find what is not being parsed correctly. Support seemed to be very good at asking for Diagnostic Report and making comments that are not helpful & misleading (not to mention not understanding the change in the software from standalone to sub and how the data-sets in the two systems operate and are shared <-had to figure that out on my own.

    Yesterday got a very condescending and disrespectful email from an Agile rep with the job title "Harmonizer". Right: coding? data-set design? hardware compatibility? certainly not customer retention with the lack of respect for someone who has supported Agile from v1.

    Maybe he designed this:

    Very nice. Subtle. great way to convince customers to sign up...break their browser extension.

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    @mkevin: I'm sorry you're so frustrated, but I don't see the benefit of the rude comments. And again, nothing is "broken"; you just won't be able to use 1Password 7 to fill in your browser without paying for it, either with a membership or license. As you can see, we offer both.

    We only have the information you give us though, so I agree that it may be easier for you to sort it out if you're not going to provide diagnostics and other details. We won't know about any errors unless you tell us. From the screenshot it looks like you just needed to click "Need a license" if you wanted to use 1Password without an account. It sounds like you may have figured things out, but we're here if you need help with 1Password.

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    "rude comments" are simply a response to condescending and disrespectful language directed at me in email from "Harmonizer staff" @ Agile. Happy to post email, but am pretty over the holier than thou here already. Oh. The screen grab above is what the browser extension becomes after one lets their membership lapse or cancel. Is it informative or designed to get one to re-purchase membership? At best it's a shady way to extract money for a poorly implemented sync service.

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    And. The twenty or so "diagnostic" that I sent from only three devices whos sync was broken for long enough without any notice from the software created such a mess with my data-set that there is no way I want to travel that road of hurt again. still not completely out of mess.

    Should have enough time after first of year to write database with css for devices and strong password...that and safari created web passwords is enough for my browsing needs...

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    @mkevin: 1Password only suggests paying for something that it doesn't think you have yet. For example, if you're using a membership, it won't suggest you buy a license, as all the apps are included in that. Are you signed into a account in the app? If so, and your intentions isn't to use that, sign out and it won't ask you to subscribe. Have you purchased a license for the version you're using? If so, use it to register the app and it won't suggest you buy another.

    I don't see where you've sent diagnostic information any time recently, but if you'll give me the Support ID(s) you received when doing so I'll be happy to take a look.

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    spent 3 months sending diagnostic to support with the result of having to diagnose and find a solution myself. not really interested in heading down that road again.

    Above is the exact same screen; browser extension.
    After membership lapsed & logged in with membership.
    This is not one of the Apps, but an extension or small add on to the app.

    There is no subtlety whatsoever. And using support people to brow-beat users into renew membership is a sure way to loose them, especially when you add in some sarcasm & condescension. (thx mr. Harmonizer)

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    @mkevin: No, that's definitely 1Password mini, which is part of the 1Password app. Again, you won't be able to use our software without paying for it. These are the options:

    • Pay for a membership, which includes everything
    • Pay for an individual license for the new version
    • Use the old version you've already paid for

    Contrary to "brow beat", I've been continually giving you options so you can choose for yourself. If you need help with any of that, just let me know which one you're trying to do, where you're running into trouble, and give me diagnostic information that I can use to tell you what specific steps you need to take to accomplish your goal.

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    I understand the subscription model as opposed to the purchase model. I wrote software (quite a while ago). I worked for Adobe (not coding). Still do some work for computer industry (contract. not coding).

    The three bulitpoints above seem to be your point. I have used _and PAID for every single version of 1Pass.

    So 1Pass mini is part of the 1Pass app. I stand by the observation that using the entire screen to present an ad for purchase of the app and to try to steer a user into paying for the subscription model lacks both subtlety and balance.

    I spent the better part of three months trying to fix the problem of syncing data between only three devices. After a couple dozen "diagnostic reports" and multiple wrong directions I finally had to insist on course of action that was proposed at the very start and which solved the issue. So, no, I really don't want to send you a diagnostic report.

    The tone of the email below was the impetus for the "brow beat" comment. However on reading again appears to be more smarmy. Are you really comparing yourself to Apple (if so you might want to spell it right). I've worked with/for Final Cut team since Macromedia days. 1Pass is not that.


    "I'm sorry, Michael, but you're not entitled to use something you haven't paid for. The same goes for all of us! For example, I didn't get to use Final Cut Pro X after Apple released that until I paid for it. Similarly, you don't get the benefits of a membership without paying for a membership.

    Also, no one has told you that you can't use iCloud. Sarah actually gave you instructions last month on how to use iCloud to sync local vaults. That's one of a few options for syncing data yourself without a membership, also outlined in the support article I sent you in my last reply:

    So I don't understand why you're saying we told you you cannot use iCloud. We've explicitly built 1Password to support that. iCloud and local vaults in general though are separate from accounts. Both work and both are supported, they're just different things, like iCloud and Dropbox are too.

    You can use the version you purchased indefinitely though, without an account, using local vaults and syncing your own data. If you're having difficulty signing out of the account and/or using the correct version of the app I'm happy to help you with that, but I will need you to send the diagnostic information I requested in order to see how you have things setup now to give you specific instructions on how to proceed:

    Please send it to [email protected] and add the following Support ID (including the square brackets) to the subject of your diagnostics email before sending:


    Reinstalling the browser extension will not make a difference in this case, if you're still signed into an account that's lapsed. However, using 1Password without an account, and the specific version you bought a license for, and applying that license, will allow to use all of that app's features. 1Password just doesn't have any way of knowing you've paid for it unless you give it the correct information. There's nothing disingenuous about it: you're telling 1Password that you want to use a membership by having signed into the account there; the account is frozen because you haven't paid for it; and hence it suggests doing so since you're continuing to signal to it your intention to use the account by staying signed into it.

    Since you say your data is in a local vault being sync'd with iCloud anyway, why not sign out of the account as suggested? Have you tried that? If there's something I'm missing, please let me know. I only have the information you've given me to go on, but if you'll let me know the specifics I'm sure we can get you sorted.

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    My apologies but it sounds as though the origin of all of this is that you've been looking for a technical solution to a problem you're seeing when it doesn't appear there is anything technically wrong (at least, based on what I've seen in this thread). 1Password seems to be doing what it is supposed to. From the screenshots you've provided it appears that:

    1. You are not using a 1Password membership, which would include 1Password 7 for Mac and
    2. You have not purchased a 1Password 7 for Mac license, or have not applied it to this installation

    Licenses are only valid for the purchased version. For example if you purchased a 1Password 6 for Mac license that is only going to work on v6 on a Mac. It isn't going to work on v7 on a Mac, at all on Windows, etc. This is one of the reasons why we typically recommend membership, and why that option (vs the license option) is so prominent on the "welcome" screen that you posted. It is more and more common that folks use 1Password across a variety of devices/platforms and as such it may be a cost savings to subscribe to membership vs purchasing multiple licenses.

    The intention here isn't to brow beat anyone, but the fact of the matter is the only way to use 1Password 7 for Mac is to either purchase a license for it (separate from any past purchases) or to use a 1Password membership. This appears to be a sales problem, not a technical one. I suspect this is where much of the confusion in this thread is coming from. Our only goal here is to help you get the outcome you want: a working 1Password 7 for Mac installation.

    Does that help? If not perhaps it would be helpful to us if you could restate:

    1. What your goal is
    2. What steps you're taking
    3. What you expect to happen
    4. What happens instead

    I'm sorry this has become such a mess. I suspect it is a result of being on different wavelengths but I'd like to correct that.


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