When i buy family can i use it whit my hole family?

hey I really want to buy family premium. but if I buy that, all 2 of my parents can use 1password. and I mean that they all have a part of Private passwords and a folder with the fammily passwords. (netflix and etc)


We buy 1 plan or familly

My dad can use a premium version from 1password for his laptop and phone.

My mom can use premium version from 1 password on laptop and phone.

and i can use 1password on my laptop pc and phone.

but we all have one folder that is shared with each other.

for 1 plan.

another question. we can also change accounts in the 1password app.

so imagine my father uses my computer for a while.

sorry for bad english.

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    Hi there @Finnfortwin

    Yes, if you sign up for a 1Password Family membership, your family can all use 1Password on all their devices for one cost. Each person invited to the family will have their own private vault where they can put their personal passwords and will also have access to a shared vault that the entire family can access.

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  • Thanks! AWESOME!

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    On behalf of Corey you’re most welcome. :)


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