Mac with a team account not syncing with IOS devices

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Your subscription is active
You are on the Teams Plan, billed annually on May 11. (account M3)
bart at
[secret key info redacted; this is a public forum]
The info between the Mac and the IOS devices is not in sync.
Sync method on IOS devices is "iCloud".

Both IOS devices and the Mac are signed in to the M3 account.
It might be possible that the IOS versions are from Apple Store (upgraded)

lost as to why they are not syncing. Must already be going on for months. I need urgently 1 merged set that I then can clean.

thanks for assistance.

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.0.7 (70007000) AgileBits Sto
Extension Version: 4.7.2
OS Version: OSX10.13.6
Sync Type: ?


  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    Welcome to the forum, @BarPie! Sorry for the trouble you're experiencing just now. accounts (including 1Password Teams) sync their data through the servers, not iCloud or Dropbox or anything else. If you've got vaults in 1Password for iOS that are syncing via iCloud, then they are older, local (standalone) vaults, and not part of your 1Password Teams account.

    ALL iOS apps are "from the Apple store," but it actually wouldn't matter anyway, as it's where your 1Password data is stored, not where the app is from. On your iOS device(s), please open Settings > Vaults and look at what you have there. If you have only your 1Password Teams vaults, you'll see the team name, with your vault names indented underneath. If you have local (standalone) vaults, you'll see those listed as well (probably one called Primary and possibly others). Let me know what you discover.

  • Ok, it seems I have one primary vault syncing between my iPad and iPhone over iCloud with over 400 items in it. Besides that I have the M3 account with 3 vault (personal, shared and Sander (team member). I suppose I must mass transfer from primary to personal in order to solve this. So questions remain:
    1. How can I mass transfer from primary to personal?
    2. Do I still need primary or can it be safely deleted once the items have been transferred ?
    3. It looks as if I will have duplicates after transferring. Is there a quick way of identifying said duplicates and retain the latest?


  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @BarPie - moving items between vaults is a (relatively) easy process.

    However, one note of caution: if these items in your Primary vault are personal items (i.e. - your own individual logins/etc, NOT from the company), I might think twice before dumping them into any vault that I am not the owner of. Remember, if the 1Password Teams account you belong to is owned/managed by your company, they can remove your access entirely at any time -- and that means if you've got personal items in there, you could potentially lose access to them without notice.

    The solution to that would be to open your own individual account. That would let you sign into both accounts within the same 1Password app, and still keep your personal data available to you, but not under the control of your employer. Of course, if the data in your Primary vault is work-related, then definitely just move it over into your 1Password Teams Personal vault.

  • Ok that took care of question 1. Thanks for the heads up on differentiating between work and private, but you are talking to the boss😎.
    Any chance on reaction on Q2 and 3?



  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @BarPie - sorry, wanted to make sure what was in Primary wasn't something you'd need to retain, before I told you to go ahead and start deleting stuff. :)

    But yes, if you've moved all the items out of Primary and it's now empty, you can remove it by visiting Preferences > Advanced and UN-checking the box marked "Allow creation of vaults outside 1Password accounts." Regarding duplicates, select each vault in turn that has duplicates, and click Help > Tools > Remove Duplicates. Note: don't expect miracles from this tool; it can't read your mind, and we're VERY conservative with your data. So if 1Password can't be certain that it's a complete duplicate, some input from you will be required. But that should make it easier than 100% manual.

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