AWS Login when switching accounts between Root and IAM User

Hi all,

I have some issues with filling in my account number (for my IAM account) when I am on the page with the single account/ alias entry page. I have manually created the Logins on the 1Password main app for both the root and AWS IAM account. Details for how they are setup is as follows:
--AWS Root User--
username: [email protected]
web form details: defaults with username and password
--AWS IAM Account--
username: IAM username
web form details:
- default username and password
- account: my-aws-account-number

Open and fill works perfectly for both but when signing out from root user account to then sign in to AWS IAM account, there are some issues.

Steps to reproduce issue:
1. Sign in to root account @
2. Sign out
3. Proceed to the console sign in page again
4. Click "Sign in to a different account"
5. Cmd + \ to bring up 1Password selection
6. Select AWS IAM Account
7. The IAM username is filled in instead of my-aws-account-number

Expected behaviour:
At step 7, my-aws-account-number should be filled in

Attempts to solve the issue:
1. Set the username field to my-aws-account-number, but this will cause the 3 field IAM sign page to fill in the my-aws-account-number for the IAM user field

Alternative ways to reproduce issue:
1. Go to
2. Clear AWS Sign In page cookies in developer tools
3. Refresh page
4. Cmd + \ to bring up 1Password selection
5. Select AWS IAM Account
6. The IAM username is filled in instead of the expected my-aws-account-number


Also, I am wondering if there are any articles that list out some steps/ workarounds for common websites like AWS where the login could sometimes be trickier to get right (they span multiple pages and have different state base on your previous logins)?

Thanks for your attention!

1Password Version: 6.8.8
Extension Version:
OS Version: macOS 10.13.6
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @adyang,

    If you visit your version of and then deliberately clear the account ID field does 1Password fill all three fields correctly? If it does then a simple change to your Login item will have it fill in the account ID on the other sign-in form. Edit your Login item and click the Show web form details button. You'll see a silhouette of a person against the IAM user name field. Click in the corresponding area of the account ID and set it to the silhouette of the person and save. What this does is it doesn't alter the web form details so 1Password will continue to correctly fill all three fields but it alters what field is designated as the username. So when it fills the other form it will fill the account ID rather than the AWS user name.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables,

    Thanks for the advice, it works perfectly now!

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Glad lil bobby was able to help out. We're here if you have any other questions. :)

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