Displaying Favorites in Alphabetical Order

Hello to all the fantastic folks @AgileBits.

I use 1Password on MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

On MacOS, Windows, and iOS my favorites list seems to display in alphabetic order (which is great!).

On my Android device, there is one item that seems to refuse to display alphabetical order. The item's title begins with 'W' and previously, it was fraternizing between the 'A' and 'B' items. I tried going into individual vault views and back to the all vaults view, and now it lingers prior to 'S' items instead of at the bottom of my favorites list. Any ideas on how I can get this 'W' item to follow (alphabetical) order with all the other items in my favorites?

Thanks again for all the great work you do every day on 1Password; it's indispensable!

1Password Version: 6.8
Extension Version: n/a
OS Version: Android 8.0.0
Sync Type: 1Password.com Account


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