How to report site where autofill doesn't work?

Back in 1P v6, there was a way to report sites where autofill doesn't work directly from the app (or from 1P mini, if I remember correctly).

I can't seem to find this option in 1P7 anywhere (my apologies if I have missed it).

Anyway, the site is the IRS electronic payments site at

There are 3 fields for the 3 parts of a US social security number, a PIN field, and a password field. When saving as a new login, 1P creates a single username field with the last 4 digits of the social security number, creates a password field with the PIN, and then doesn't create the actual password field at all!

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  • Hi @camner,

    We were struggling to effectively utilise the reports so due to the feature requiring development time that was needed elsewhere we have removed the option, at least for now, until we can get everything working again. So for now reporting them either here in our forum or via email is the best way of ensuring we learn of the filling failure.

    Now I know this page has caused trouble for 1Password in the past and while the saved Login item will ever display everything as you will want it to, a Login saved in the current beta will fill all the correct fields. The way that 1Password works though is it will select the best matching field that it thinks represents the username and the one for the password. As there is no real username and the SSN is split over three fields there is no single good field.

    So if all goes well, when 1Password 7.1 is available it will fill all the right fields from a Login item saved within the browser. The field flagged as being the password can be manually tweaked to for a better match without it affecting filling and depending on preference probably just not have a field flagged as being the username given the page in question.

  • @camner, 7.1.1 works. Make sure 1P asks you to save the information after you hit the login button. If you have an existing login for eftps already, I posted a solution to migrate it over on

  • While there are a few cases to iron out this particular site at least is one where 7.1 is an improvement. I'm sure filling will continue to improve over time.

  • Oh, look, now this week the pre 7.0 version of the login works. So now, if you have still saved your old version of EFTPS, use that one.

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    I'll have to give this a try when I get home from vacation. Thanks both for your comments.

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    Sounds good. Let us know how it goes. :)

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