1Password Auto-fill popup won't stay out of the way

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Ok, now that I have the auto-fill pop-up appearing on my Android, it can be quite annoying. It pops up a bit late, usually popping up right under a button I am just about to press, or above a text field I need to click to start typing, which brings up 1Password, not when I want it. I am trying to train myself to pause before clicking, but seriously, software should work for the user, not make the user train abnormal behaviors to use it.

Also, when I click the small x to dismiss the pop-up, it just comes right back over and over, and usually right where I am trying to type or need to see, and can't see because the pop-up just covered the text field.

Is there a setting I am not aware of that will tell auto-fill to chill out after I close it? It is extremely annoying to have it keep popping up insisting that it has something to fill in when I know it does not, and not staying gone when I dismiss it. I believe pressing the small X should make it stay away on that page or app until either reloaded, or some time has passed. But to keep appearing over and over just does not work.

Tell me I can fix this with a setting that I am just not finding. Note: because of a problem with AT&T and updating S8 phones, I am still on Android 7.x

Thank you

1Password Version: 6.8
Extension Version: unknown
OS Version: Android 7.x
Sync Type: Dropbox
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    @MajorHavoc: Thanks for the feedback! I agree with you: there is room for some usability improvements. It's difficult because 1Password has to scan what's on screen to determine if /what it can do there, and how efficient that is will vary wildly across devices. But it's still fairly new feature and maybe we make it more efficient in future versions. Regarding the other issue with the autofill prompt reappearing, can you give me some examples of apps where you're seeing that? It's possible you won't experience that in version 7 as we've improved things there.

  • Agree it's a PITA at times, especially now where, if no matching login is found it doesn't even give you the option to search for one to use!

  • Hi Brently,

    Thanks for the response. I like the feature, it just has a bad habit of moving over the wrong place. And if you scroll, it moves with the scrolling in jumps.

    Right now it seems to happen almost anywhere that the pop-up decides it can help (which I love actually). It pops up, I close it, then start to type my password by hand (or other info like user name) and it just pops up again a few seconds later. Do you want some screen caps?

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    Thanks for the feedback, @MajorHavoc. I see what you mean, and I've forwarded this to our team to look into.

    ref: android-287

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