Issues logging into a particular website...

Greetings! We are a small accounting firm and we offer payroll services for other small businesses. Part of this entails remitting tax payments on behalf of our clients, which is effected via the following site:

lately however, logging into said site using the browser extension (or the desktop app), has proven quite frustrating insofar as the login data is populating the wrong credential fields on the site, I've deleted and recreated the login data and this seems to have fixed the issue temporarily. I;m at wits end because this used to really streamline a rote and tedious process, but this degree of efficiency has gone by the wayside. I;m in dire need of guidance on this stubborn hiccup...

We have a Team Account and we are currently using Version 7.2.580


1Password Version: 7.2.580
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro
Sync Type: 1Password (+ iCloud on my Mac)
Referrer: forum-search:issues logging into eftps


  • Hello @ideal529,

    Can you try something for me please. Can you follow the steps detailed on our support page How to save a Login manually in your browser and save an entirely new Login item for the EFTPS page. My understanding is we should work here given you're running 1Password 7.2 for Windows with the new filling logic so I just want to see if a new item makes any difference or if we need to troubleshoot further.

  • i'm not sure this solves my problem, in fact it's what drove me here in the first place... I have done this plenty of times: i delete the non-working login, then i save a new login (or said login anew); the login works for a bit and then it starts malfunctioning. The annoying thing is that this really disrupts our workflow; we have to renter all our login creds (+ customized sections/categories and additional dara) only to have to delete and recreate the login and corresponding account info again. There is something wacky here. I'm profoundly ignorant of what developers see in the code behind the pretty, but might it be useful to see an example of the code for a login which is working properly (for the same site- vs. a login that has suddenly stopped working..? This is also a confounding occurrence: some logins for the same site work properly, while others hit some significant hiccups. The logins that tend to fail are legacy logins, from previous versions and OS's that i've deleted and recreated several times...

    N.B. i have a teams acct for the office which is on a pc synching via 1PW and i link this teams account to my Apple devices, i.e. ios and a macbook, which syncs via iCloud. Re the Teams account, i have one other user, an admin with whom i share the folder of compromised links associated with

    Anyhow, i hope i didn't just blow your mind with jibberish, i'm basically illiterate in this language...


  • Hello @ideal529,

    So an entirely new item, one even created in 1Password 7.2 will work for a while and then completely break?

    Over the years filling has gone through a number of disruptive changes as well as also things just slowly evolving in response to new standards or observed fads in page design. It does mean old items could easily have been created on an altogether different page or that there are aspects to a page we need to capture that we didn't even think to before and collecting the new details has an initially potentially disruptive effect on a subset of sites.

    If you're finding a Login item saved in 7.2 works for a while and then breaks do you have any feel as to the period of time that seems to be involved or if you're noticing the issue in certain scenarios, for example it seems to work the first time you sign in but then you're noticing it fails when you need to re-authenticate? If it initially works that at least explains why we're under the belief things are good there whilst if something is changing through real usage of the item we wouldn't easily spot that in our testing. Hopefully we can pin down what is happening and come up with a solution.

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