How to fill password and PIN on the FEMA website?

The FEMA website has a peculiarity in that the login screen calls for a password and a PIN. The PIN is really just a second password and can actually be made stronger (more characters allowed) than the password. Anywho, what I'd like to know if there's a way for 1Password to autofill all these fields in the login screen. Here it is:

1Password Version: 7.1.2
Extension Version: 4.7.3
OS Version: macOS 10.13.6
Sync Type: iCloud


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    Hi there @Lifeisabeach! :)

    You can make 1Password Autofill this page by using Autosave.

    To turn on Autosave (if you haven't already), unlock your 1Password app, go to Preferences (Settings on Windows) > Browsers and check Autosave. You can then:
    1. Visit the login page of Disaster Assistance
    2. Type in your credentials
    3. Click on Sign In

    You should be prompted to save your credentials as a login item. When you save an item this way, 1Password will remember all the fields that are needed to sign you in, but the PIN field will be hidden. You can see and edit it on your 1Password desktop app if you click on Web form details.

    Here's what the process should look like for your page:

    We're working on making it easier to save and edit login items for such websites, but I'm not exactly sure when that'll happen.

    Let me know how it goes. :)

  • Thanks for the info. The saved form details are from the original account creation page, so I don't have the "PIN" section hidden. I tried moving the entry in 1Password into the trash, then copy/pasting the username, password, and PIN into the login screen fields, but I cannot get 1Password to offer to create a new entry for me when I login.

  • Ok, I switched to a different Mac and 1Password prompted me to save the login this time. It now works exactly as expected and fills in that PIN section. Of course, this now begs the question as to why 1P wouldn't prompt me to save the login after moving the old entry to the trash while on the MacBook Air I originally was working off of.

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    @Lifeisabeach Glad to hear it works! :) Hm, I'm not sure why you wouldn't be prompted to save the login after moving the old entry, but I'd like to dig into this. Do you get a prompt on your MacBook Air if you try to save the login manually? I'd also like to ask you to check if the Detect new usernames and passwords and offer to save them setting is turned on. You can check that if you:

    1. Unlock 1Password
    2. Go to Preferences > Browsers
    3. Check whether Detect new usernames and passwords and offer to save them is ticked or not


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    Thanks for the tips. I had tried unchecking and re-checking the option to "Detect new usernames..." while troubleshooting yesterday, to no avail. I seem to be having random issues with 1Password on my MacBook Air. Just now, I just set up a new account for a loan and it never prompted me to save the login details. I can't even click on the extension in Safari's toolbar or the helper in the menubar. Well I can click them, but nothing pops up like normal. The helper in the menubar only works as expected when Safari is not the active application. The difference here may be because my MacBook Air is running Mojave while my iMac is on High Sierra. Both Macs are running Safari 12.0 and both have the current version of 1Password 7.

    EDIT: I just rebooted the MBA and it now prompted me to save the most recent login I mentioned a moment ago.

  • Greetings @Lifeisabeach,

    Please keep an eye on the MacBook Air and let us know if you continue to see this intermittent behaviour. Something isn't right but maybe a restart was enough to get all the components to play nicely.

    If you find the clicking the 1Password button in the browser toolbar is unresponsive again it might be worth creating a diagnostic report at that moment in time so that if there is an issue that hopefully it's fresh in the logs. This link will guide you through the steps and has sections for the various supported versions of 1Password.

    How to send a 1Password diagnostics report

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report in the forums

    The email address you will want to use is [email protected].

    Once you've sent the report you should received an automated response from us with a ticket ID. If you can post that ticket ID here it will help us locate your diagnostic report and we'll see what it reveals.

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