Set title on the Save Login pop-up to domain and domain extension instead of page/site name?


Hi there,

I would like to know if there's an hidden setting somewhere to save the domain and domain extension in the title, instead of saving the page or site name when I save a new login from the browser.

The problem is when it saves the page name and it's often not very helpful:

Sometimes it saves the base name of the domain, but I'd rather have the domain extension too, and formatted like an URL (all in lower case). For instance, instead of naming my login "The Guardian", I'd like 1Password to go with "".

Can I achieve that without having to retype the title each time I save a new login?

Many thanks!

1Password Version: 7.1.BETA-4 (70100004)
Extension Version:
OS Version: macOS 10.13.6
Sync Type: Local
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  • Hi @xabe,

    Sorry, there's no hidden setting that will help with this. The title is something we've tried to on more than one occasion to improve and make it more useable beyond just the domain but it has been somewhat hit and miss. I'm not sure what the answer will be or what direction we decide to go in but I shall file an issue to prompt discussion over what will work the best for the majority of users and the sites they use.

    Do you happen to have a good example or two from recent memory that I can use to highlight why the title may not be great? Examples can help ground the issue and ram home a point where the abstract may fail to do so.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables, thanks for your reply and taking the time to file an issue for that!

    I've recently purchased a bluetooth speaker on and created an account during checkout. 1Password saved it but the name was completely off as you can see below:

    I'll post a couple more examples here if I can remember. Thanks again!

  • Hi @xabe,

    Certainly the more examples the better. It doesn't have to be dozens upon dozens but a small sample will really press the point being made.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables, sorry for the delay!

    Here's another example. The company I work for asked me to log in to this website. The page is named "Log in" and 1Password picked that up, instead of using the website/service name:

    I'll post a couple more later, I hope it's alright if I don't post everything at once.

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables

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    Hi @xabe,

    Posting as you stumble upon them is perfectly fine. Thank you for the additional examples :smile:

    ref: xplatform/filling-issues#261

  • xabexabe
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    Hi @littlebobbytables, I hope your day is going well! Here are two more screen shots of logins I saved recently:

    • First time I was logging in to my existing PayPal account on my work computer (so I typed my password manually on that computer and 1Password offered to save it):

    • One of my colleagues invited me to join for a project and I clicked the link they sent me. Then I created an account on that site and 1Password showed this:

    Thanks again for looking into it!

  • Greetings @xabe,

    PayPal is a great one thank you. A popular site like that really rams home the argument for why something needs changed as well as simply being another data point during testing. Thank you for finding that one as I would only ever log into my PayPal account using my pre-existing item and wouldn't have noticed until you raised it.

  • You're welcome @littlebobbytables :chuffed: I was surprised to see how many sites don't even include their name in the title!

  • Thinking back on the last couple of times I added a bookmark to my browser, I can't remember not having to make substantial edits each time. Maybe the title just isn't something most sites give much thought to. We'll have to see what suggestions the developers come up with for more friendly/sensible titles.

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