asking me to enter my credentials again?

Hi all,

This is probably pretty obvious but I do want to double check just in case. Recently, I cleared all cookies from my chrome browser (from the beginning of time), and I noticed that unlike normal, when I went to, it did not automatically recognize me. I was required to input my master password, email, and secret key again. When I checked my device history, there were 2 instances of chrome (both with this IP address). I'm assuming that was due to me clearing my browser cookies?

Thanks :)

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    Hi @Dutsdeduts,

    Thanks for writing in.

    Yes, that is correct on both parts.

    We do not transmit your secret key nor master password anywhere, the decryption process is done on the local side. We do store only the secret key (and your email address) in the browser's encrypted local storage for the site, they're both reset when you reset the cookies and site data for the site.

    Without access to your secret key, you have to set up a new authorization process to authorize the browser and so, that's why you see a new instance in your 1Password account's device history.

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