Upgraded from 1Password 6 to 7. Why do I have Private, Shared _and_ Primary Vaults?

I've been using 1Password 6 on my Mac for years and the most recent iOS versions on my iPhone and iPad. I just purchased a membership and upgraded on my Mac to 1Password 7. Why do I have Private, Shared and Primary Vaults? The Private and Primary Vaults appear to be identical, but the Primary Vault says it's being synced to iCloud. The Private and Shared vaults do not indicate that they are being synced anywhere (but they also appeared on my iPhone and iPad after I logged into my membership there). I am getting warnings from Watchtower that I have 500+ reused passwords. Are my Private and Shared Vaults the ones created from the upgrade? I'm wondering if I need my Primary vault anymore, or if that can be deleted? Maybe I did something wrong during the upgrade process? Please advise.

1Password Version: 7.2.1
Extension Version: 7.2.1
OS Version: OS X 10.13.6
Sync Type: ????
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  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    The one thing that seems odd to me is that you have a Private vault. (and a Shared) one. That only applies if you have subscribed to 1PW for Families (or Teams, etc). For an individual, you should have a Personal vault, but not Private or Shared. If you only intended to subscribe for you, reach out to [email protected] and they should be able to organise the lower individual rate sub.

    The Primary vault is outside 1password.com. You do get both when you start 1PW7, the Primary vault starts with your old data and, as you correctly say, it also gets transferred into Personal or Primary.

    The thing about this is that it does allow users to subscribe, and yet to manage their passwords entirely locally by only using the Primary vault. When you are sure everything is ok, you can delete the Primary vault , the easiest way in Preferences > Advanced, where you just uncheck the box next to Local Vaults.

  • Thank you. Yes, I should have noted that I subscribed for a family membership. I want to work out the kinks before I sign my wife and daughter's devices in to the family account. I am leery about deleting the Primary vault since that appears to be the master set of data; however, as you note, it seems that the Private vault was created from the original local device data now located in the Primary vault. I just want to make certain that deleting the Primary vault will not result in lost passwords. Thanks again.

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    Yes, I think it's a good thing to keep the Primary vault for a while until you are satisfied everything is working ok. But you can certainly delete it in due course, and should do so. While you have both, you should set the Vault for Saving in Preferences to Private.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    Hey @DizzyD - sorry for the confusion. This happens if you do not delete your older standalone vaults after creating a 1password.com account and copying your items over into it: it's why you have "duplicates" -- because the same data is now appearing twice, once in Primary and once in Personal. The Shared vault just means that you created a 1Password Families or 1Password Teams account; it's likely empty because it's the vault that you would use to share items with the rest of your team/family. You can decide which of your existing items should be moved over into the Shared vault later.

    For now, all you need to do is:

    1. Make sure all the data from Primary is also in Personal. In other words, that the vaults are identical. They should be, if you haven't changed anything, so don't worry about taking a microscope to it. Just a quick check should be fine.
    2. Remove your Primary vault by visiting 1Password Preferences > Advanced and UN-checking the box marked "Allow creation of vaults outside 1Password accounts." This will remove the Primary vault and leave you running only your 1Password account/vaults. You'll need to enter both your old standalone Master Password and your Master Password for your 1password.com account to do this. They may be the same, or you may have chosen a new one when you created your 1password.com account.
    3. Finally, on every other device on which you use 1Password, delete the Primary vault (presuming it was the same as the one on your Mac).
    4. Make sure you set the Vault for Saving to Private, as @danco mentions.

    That's it! Syncing is performed directly via the 1password.com servers, so no need to set up/maintain/troubleshoot/fiddle with that any longer. Let us know if you have any further questions or troubles.

  • Lars, once again, thank you for your excellent response and setting my mind at ease. I will perform the steps you and Danco have outlined above. I do have one additional small issue. In my excitement to upgrade, I logged into the new 1Password account on my wife's iPhone in the 1Password iOS app. I now realize that, instead, I should have sent her a family group invitation from my 1password.com account. Now, in her iOS app, she has my Private and Shared folders showing up and her existing passwords in her Primary vault (still showing that it's synced through iCloud). I would like to undo this mistake and send her an invite to the family group and we can then use the Shared vault. My question is, what is the best way to back-out this error without losing all of her passwords? Can I simply log her out of the main account on her iPhone's iOS app? I am nervous that this will also delete all of her existing passwords in her Primary vault which do not appear to have any backups that I can locate. Please advise. Thanks again!

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @DizzyD - easily enough solved: just unlock your wife's phone, open 1Password and go to Settings > 1Password accounts (right at the top). Tap the account, scroll down and tap "Sign Out."

    Once that's done, sign into your 1Password account in a browser on your Mac and use these instructions to invite your wife. She'll get an email from us on your behalf, saying you've invited her to join. Clicking the link in that email will walk her through the process you completed when you signed up. Once she does that, you'll get a notification via email that her sign-up is pending confirmation. Return to 1Password in your browser and you'll see the confirmation pending. Once you click to confirm her, she'll immediately be a member with her OWN Private vault plus access to the same Shared vault you have access to. That's it! Just decide what you two want to share, and what should stay separate. Things like Facebook accounts, email, etc -- where you each have your own individual ones -- should probably remain in your Private vault(s). But things like the family Netflix credentials or anything else where you two share a single login (bank accounts, etc) can go in the Shared vault.

  • Perfect, thank you.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member


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