bug ? passwords & logins should not show as re-used ?

I'm loving Watchtower as a way of keeping on top of vulnerable passwords etc but there's one behaviour that is really irritating.

When I sign up on a new site, I create a password using the password generator and then save the login when prompted. This immediately shows up in the Reused Password list, showing both the password object and the login object. I have to manually delete the password object to remove the re-use warning. I can't merge it into the login and choosing Convert to Login merely shows that two logins are re-using passwords (which is, of course, the original requirement).

In fact, it just happened signing up for this forum to post this message !

What can be done to fix this, as it reduces the accuracy/effectiveness of the Reused Passwords feature.


1Password Version: 7.2.581
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: 1Password Cloud


  • Thanks @essuu, this is a very good point. Essentially, we have two features crossing streams here and well, you know what they say about not crossing the streams! While I cannot suggest my ideas here without discussing with developers (don't want to make promises that may be unrealistic from a development p.o.v) I do certainly have ideas as to what can/should be done here.

    Thank you for your feedback, @essuu. Keep it coming, it's really helpful to us making 1Password even better.


  • I would like to second this suggestion. I have been using 1 password for the last 7 years and this new "duplicate" feature is annoying because if I have the same password listed in two different places (Memberships & Logins, for example) within 1Password it shows up as a "duplicate" and it's not. I have a separate distinct password for every account. It's NOT a duplicate. If I do have a duplicate, it would be helpful to know WHERE the duplicate exists. I strong encourage your team to fix this. Thanks.

  • Thank you too, @rjschusterman. This scenario is a little different to essuu's, as essentially you have two different, potentially unrelated items (Membership and Login, in your example) both with the same password being used. So, 1Password will treat those as two different items reusing the same password, because they are. That said, item relationships hold a lot of potential, and I hope we can provide a solution within new features that utilise the relationships more in future.

    As for knowing where the duplicates exist, this is something you can do already:

    1. Switch to your vault selection to 'All Vaults',
    2. Visit Watchtowers Reused Passwords list.
    3. You can then see at a glance the matching items across all of your vaults.
    4. If you would like to know the vault(s) / account(s) where those items live, simply click each one as there is an account and vault location shown in the item's detail view.

    Some more details on Watchtower can always be found in our support article(s).

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