locked out with 2FA - nonsense reply to previous thread

I had created another thread with the title 'locked out with 2FA', this thread now closed. This because I have created a support ticket by e-mail some days before and had received no reply, even after chasing the first mail for a reply. I have then created the thread because of no reply after several days. You then appear to have no social skill or recognition in how to deal with customers in that you reply to the thread apologising for the delay and and then insinuating that I have caused the delays for myself and others by logging multiple calls. You then have then closed the call not allowing me to reply.

Let's look at the history;
Sunday 21st - +/-4pm - e-mail ticket raised - automated response received
Monday 22nd - +/-4pm - follow up mail sent as no reply
Tuesday 23rd - midday - raised query on forums as no reply received other than the initial automated response on the 21st
Tuesday 23rd - PM - added reply to query on forums asking what one had to to to receive support
Wednesday 24th - first reply on forum
Wednesday 24th - reply on email from support to start process of resolving issue

I suggest you strongly look inwards here rather than infer that I have caused or increased the delay for myself and others. I might suggest that if you had perhaps even replied just to say you were busy with unusual levels of calls and would get back to me shortly I would not have needed to raise the additional mails or forum queries.

Being locked out of your account for 4 days, now 5 as issue not resolved but in process of being resolved, is simply unacceptable. To then infer that somehow a customer is at fault for then chasing several unacknowledged attempts at contact is simply poor.

I would have accepted a simply apology and moved on as I appreciate that sometimes call levels may mean delays, however your reply seems bent on further antagonising a customer who has been locked out of his account for 4+ days now.

Your nonsensical reply only serves to demonstrate your lack of understanding of basic, never mind good, customer service.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I apologize if my previous explanation was not clear: Our team generally works from the oldest requests to the newest, based on the timestamp on the email conversation. Every time you send a new email you’re putting that timestamp at the time you sent the most recent email, effectively bumping yourself to the end of the queue. I understand it is incredibly frustrating to wait multiple days for a reply when you’re unable to acccess your account, but continuing to send more inquiries does only serve to slow down the process, as I mentioned. Only our security team is able to assist with this, and only via email. As this is a public forum (anyone can read what is written), and we need to verify your identity to address this issue, it cannot be handled here. Our security team will be back with you via email as soon as possible, but we do currently have a much larger than normal queue. With a large influx of folks getting new iPhones and as a result locking themselves out of their account there are a lot of these sorts of requests to process. My intention was not to antagonize you, only to help prevent you from again bumping yourself to the end of that queue.

    I’ll see what I can do on my end to expedite your request. Please do not respond further until you’ve heard from us to avoid further delays. I hope that clarifies the situation and I do apologize for the amount of time you’ve been waiting for resolution here.


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