forgot new master password - did not write it down!!

Would like to reset my master password used in the mac app and my iphone. I can still access accounts with my secret key online. Is it possible or do this or I need to restart completely from scratch then change all my passwords one at a time for websites etc.?

1Password Version: 1Password 6 Version 6.8.9 (689001) AgileBits Store
Extension Version: 4.7.3
OS Version: 10.11.6
Sync Type: iCloud but cannot find file


  • I now have 1Password working on my iPhone 6 however the version I have on this laptop was damaged and I had to trash it. Is there a version available for download that works with OS 10.11.6

  • Changed my original password and did not write it down. Was able to get into my account online and though my iPhone 6 with touch ID but have not been able to get into the app on my laptop. The 1Password version on this Mac is 1Password 6 Version 6.8.9 (689001), AgileBits Store. Presently I can access my passwords only though Safari directly online but not using the extension which does not accept my secret master password at least not the one setup for the family account online access.

    1Password Version: Version 6.8.9 (689001)
    Extension Version: 4.7.3
    OS Version: OS X 10.11.6 (15G22010)
    Sync Type: iCloud but cannot find file
    Referrer: forum-search:I am asking for help! I postedaquestion Oct 26,2018 and have not had a reply.Reallythefastestway?

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    @artdyck: I've merged the separate discussions you started here. Posting in multiple places just slows down response times for everyone -- including you.

    Regarding the Master Password, you cannot "reset" it and neither can we. AgileBits has neither access to your 1Password data nor the Master Password used to secure it, so we cannot help directly. However, please try the tips in this guide as they may help you gain access again:

    Alternatively, if you're part of a 1Password Family or Team, another Owner, Organizer, or Admin can help you recover your account, so you can create a new Secret Key and Master Password:

    If that doesn't help though, you will need to either restore from a backup, sync from another device, or simply start over. You can try as many times as you want. You won’t be “locked out”, but you will not be able to access your data unless you can enter the required Master Password correctly. Please let me know how it turns out.

  • The problem is that I cannot remember to password that I changed to. The software on the Mac is expecting that as the "old" password (which I cannot now remember because I did not write it down) and the new master password which has been created for the online access to the web portal of my recovered family account is not rolling over to the software residing on my MacBook.

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    @artdyck: The 1Password app will only unlock with the Master Password for the first vault/account you have setup there (if you have more than one. Where do you have access to your 1Password data currently -- OS and 1Password version?

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