Recent purchase of subscription can not access some of my old vaults. Clueless. Need help.

I have 7.2.1 on my iphone. An older account. I've somehow not paid attention to a step and now some of my items do not show up in the vault on my newer Windows computer. Ive accidentally duplicated a bunch of log ins and basically made a mess of everything. All the data is there though, on my phone. My Mac which was original to my using 1 password shows it's not syncing with any fault now. My iphone shows I can sync to an .opvault vault but tells me there is a vault discrepancy. it is however 100 percent the same, except for the Last Updated" date. What did I do wrong? thanks

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Referrer: forum-search:Recent purchase of subscription can not access some of my old vaults. Clueless. Need help.


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @KHH

    If you’re using a 1Password membership the goal would be to not have any vaults show up in the sync tab (in fact the sync tab should go away entirely once things are set up properly). It sounds like you skipped the step of deleting your “Primary” vault on some/all devices.

    If you log in at do you see all of the data that you want to keep there? If not please copy the missing items into the “Private” vault (may also be named “Personal” depending on when you created your account):

    Move and copy items | 1Password

    Once all items you want to keep appear on please delete all opvault sync files and standalone vaults (including the “Primary” vault) from all of your devices to avoid future confusion.

    I hope that helps!


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