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Hi, I use OP CLI on my Linux Mint, and whenever I use the command:

op signin my.1password.com <my-email> <supersecretcode>
and login using my pasword, it gives me the following output:

    export OP_SESSION_my="somelongasscode"
    # This command is meant to be used with your shell's eval function.
    # Run 'eval $(op signin my)' to sign into your 1Password account.
    # If you wish to use the session token itself, pass the --output=raw flag value.

So next up, I type "op list items" and I get the notification that I'm not signed in
I tried:
echo "<longasscode>" | op list items

and I get the passwords in 1 row, without any structure...
How can I fix this?

1Password Version: CLI 0.5.4
Extension Version: 1Password X 1.12.2
OS Version: Linux Mint Latest Stable
Sync Type: 1P account


  • ag_konstantinag_konstantin 1Password Alumni

    Hi @cpbouwer ,

    Thank you for reaching out! I'll help you get up and running with OP-CLI tool.

    Whenever you sign in using the full op signin my.1password.com <my-email> <supersecretcode> command you would get output that starts with:

    export OP_SESSION_my="somelongcode"

    At this point you have two options:

    1. Copy-paste export OP_SESSION_my="somelongcode" into your bash and run it, which will set the OP_SESSION_my ENV variable;

    2. Run eval $(op signin my) command, which will prompt for your password and send the generated export OP_SESSION_my="somelongcode" output directly into evaluator, effectively setting the OP_SESSION_my ENV variable for you.

    Now you are signed in and can proceed to run other OP-CLI commands, e.g.:

    op list items

    Please keep in mind, that session expires, thus, option No.1 will only work while the session is still valid.

    Please also note, that once you ran the full op signin my.1password.com <my-email> <supersecretcode> command, you no longer need to run full command on this machine, unless you change your account secret key. From now on you can just run the short-form command to sign in to your account on this machine:

    eval $(op signin my)

    Kind regards,

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