Adding 1Password to edge wants to mess with my Ver 4 vault

I have been using 1Password 4 for a long time.
I paid for the software and use it with dropbox so I can sync with my MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Window 10.
Lately, after some updates, my 1Password extension and addons are gone on all browsers: Chrome, Explorer and Edge.
Trying to addon from my 1Password installed App is failing to update Explorer.
Chrome and Edge wants me to download and update to ver 6.
During the install process, 1Password6 wants to convert my vault.
I stopped there because I felt it would screwup things with Mac, iPhone, etc...

I guess I'm on a threshold from a one-time paid software transitioning to a subscription base?
I love the software and like the addons on the browsers. But now, it feels like nothing is working right.
What am I missing?

Should I dump the 1Password4 and submit myself to 1Password6 subscription?
If so, I'll need help with my Mac, iPhone, Windows etc...
Currently my 1Password6 online is telling me that my account is frozen and I should subscribe.
I'm assuming that my lifetime purchase is no longer applicable.

Let me know the best way to proceed.
I need my 1Password working again.


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  • brentybrenty

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    @RobDugas: It sounds like there are a few points of confusion here, and I"m sorry about that. I'll do my best to clear things up, but please ask if you have any other questions!

    First, while any license you purchased will not expire, it is only valid for the specific version you paid for. We have never sold "lifetime" licenses, as we wouldn't be around to offer updates to 1Password for a lifetime with only a single purchase.

    Second, I think it's important to note that 1Password 4 will not work with Edge. It was created long before Edge even existed, and is no longer under active development in favour of the new app. So while it still works just fine with the browsers it was designed for, if Edge support is important to you, you will want to upgrade. I think it's a good idea to do so either way, so you'll benefit from everything else we're doing these days, but it isn't yet to the point where changes in Windows or browsers has "broken" 1Password 4, so it isn't an emergency or anything. You have time to contemplate it. :)

    Next, 1Password 6 is not recommended. It didn't support "standalone" use, licenses were never sold, and it's since been superseded by 1Password 7, which supports both and has a ton of new features and improvements. That's what we're working on today.

    Finally, while we do believe that memberships are the best experience and therefore the way to go for most people,
    licenses are available if you prefer that. You can find pricing in the announcements detailing what's new:

    1Password 7 for Windows: The Best Ever

    To be clear, the current releases of 1Password across all platforms use OPVault (for local vaults with a standalone license), and if you converted to that on one device you'd need to setup the others to also use the new vault. I think that's the more immediate issue you're experiencing, and if you'll let me know the specifics of where you're running into trouble configuring that I can definitely help. It would, however, be a bit simpler if you go with a membership and migrate your data there though, as then you'd only need to sign into your account on each device. Either way, happy to help. :)

  • Thamk you Brenty.

    My 1-password application is important to me so it appears I will need to upgrade to version 7, as you indicated above. I appreciate your help and if I encounter any problems, I will ask.


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @RobDugas,

    We absolutely understand that 1Password is vital to you, we're 1Password customers as well and can't live without it either.

    Please note that there are no known issues with 1Password 4 for Windows and the browser extensions, I've just used it right now and it works fine. We actually updated 1Password 4 a while ago to add support for Native Messaging that the latest 1Password extension support uses.

    Make sure you open 1Password 4 and go to the Help Menu > Advanced > Use Native Messaging protocol, this may help with your current issue. We still recommend upgrading to 1Password 7 as it is the latest version but 1Password 4 still works fine for now.

  • Thank you guys.
    I have upgraded to version 7 on all my computers, Windows, Mac and iPhone, iPad etc...
    It took me awhile but I got it working using my dropbox account.

    Can someone help me on the search everything?
    My iPhone can do it but the Windows App fails.
    All it does is search subject or Title lines.
    How do I get it to search everything (notes content, part name of links, phone numbers, etc)


  • brentybrenty

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    @RobDugas: Search definitely includes all fields on Windows. It will not highlight the search terms within a Notes field (I hope we can do that someday), but when I search for "woz" I get my Secure Note containing the text of "In the Beginning Was the Command Line", which includes mentions of Steve Wozniak. Searching for a term that is contained in other fields, like the URL, highlights them as well:

    If you're seeing something different, it would be helpful to know what that is, and the specific OS and 1Password versions you're using.

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