Feature request: push notification (instead of email) for new login on website

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Currently you send an email for every new login on the website. I would rather have a push notification on my iOS devices.

Could you please consider this?

(if not, I can probably achieve this via FastMail's Sieve Notify extension, but I'd prefer a "native" solution)


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Indeed, I hope we can do something like that in the future -- similar to using the 1Password app itself as a second factor to confirm new sign in on another device. It could be really cool. :)

  • I used to use LastPass, along with their LastPass Authenticator app, and I really liked the push notification feature. https://blog.lastpass.com/2016/03/lastpass-authenticator-makes-two-factor-easy.html/. Since switching to 1password and noticing that I don't get this functionality, whether I do 2FA with Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, or another app, I really miss this. Instead of having to enter the 2-factor code when logging in from a new/untrusted/auth-expired device, you could simply tap 'Approve' in response to the push notification.

    Google offers the same in their 'Google' app for auth to Gmail, and Microsoft offers a similar approval feature for their services in their Microsoft Authenticator app.

    Any plans for 1Password (perhaps affiliating with a third-party app) to support a push notification-based approval to do 2FA login to 1Password?

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Nothing to add since my comments this last week. If and when we do something like that, I'm sure we'll have more to say. :)

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