Sorting issue software licenses.

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Ok so I started to add an entry to a software license.

Instead of doing what some do and making a separate entry for each key eg. version 1, version 2 etc.. I group them under one entry and simply adde the relevant details.

Tonight I added an additional license, and use the grab tab to move the entry to the correct location within my group. While in edit mode the entry stays in the desired location. However exiting edit mode. the entry moves to the bottom of the list.

I have tried moving all the keys at least once to kinda trick the system into keeping them in my sort order but that doesn't work from my testing,

It maybe a known issue, or it may be in the release, however as I am currently on the beta, I placed it here. If it's known, my apologies, Ive been swamped at work and haven't kept up that much.

In edit mode with the key in desired location.

Exit edit mode and desired key location changes.

1Password Version: 7.2.2 beta 4
Extension Version: 7.2.2 beta 4
OS Version: 10.14
Sync Type: 1P family


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @thightower: That's really strange. My best guess is that this is some legacy baggage that's coming back to bite us, since it sounds like you've been maintaining this item going back a decade or more. What is the creation date though? If you create a brand new item, does it behave as expected?

  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot

    Doh, thanks for the lightbulb moment @brenty I guess that's one good reason to keep separate entries. Come to think if it, I think we had the discussion before or it's really a bad bad case of deja vu on my part.

    I have not created a new entry, but I would not expect it to misbehave. Thanks again.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @thightower: Wait, what was the lightbulb moment? I could be wrong that a new item would work. The only way to know would be to try it. :lol:

  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot

    It's not the first time I have seen legacy items behave weirdly. Creating a new one almost always fixes it. I'll give it shot later on today.

    Lightbulb = Realizing the item is 10 years old yikes. Obviously all have a much more recent last edited date. But still. :blush:

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Totally. I'm not saying that's acceptable, but it certainly would make sense. A decade ago we couldn't even imagine all the stuff that's changed in 1Password over just the last few years. We make an effort not to break things when updating formats, but there are relatively few of us who actually have data that old to test with, so I appreciate your feedback on this. :)

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