Website Breach Notifications (i.e. USPS)

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I am new to 1Password. Do you send out notifications of sites that have been breached like the example attached from Dashlane?!

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    We don't do anything like what you're describing, no. In all cases, we send out emails only to people have explicitly signed up to receive them regarding updates and account notices. When it comes to security, the Watchtower feature notifies 1Password users about issues which are actionable, right within the apps:

    Use Watchtower to find passwords you need to change

    For example, when login credentials are stolen from a website, or a specific password has been released publicly, 1Password can tell you so you can create a new one that is not compromised.

    In your specific example, passwords were not stolen from USPS; a flaw in the website allowed for unauthorized access to accounts, but nothing can be done about this after the fact. It sucks that anyone's information was stolen (myself included), but as with Equifax, there's nothing that can be done about that now: the cat is out of the bag. So it's just sort of scaremongering to alarm people about a security issue which they can do absolutely nothing about.

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