I have a trial on the same email as my paid subscription

I used my email address to trial 1password. Work eventually paid for a Team subscription for me using the same email address, but it created a new account... if this makes sense. I am worried about deleting the trial account in case that deletes my paid subscription vault. I want to delete it so I don't get your 'come back to 1password' emails. Can you help?


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  • MeekMeek

    Team Member

    Hey @samgix6, we can definitely help delete your extra account!

    Before that I just wanted to mention that we generally don't recommend keeping personal items in a Team account, as that account is owned by the company, and should you ever leave, you would lose access to that account.

    If you'd still like to go ahead with deleting the individual account, we'll need to continue over email as we'll need to talk account deatils. Could you send us an email to [email protected]? Please include a link to this forum thread, and reply here with your Support ID that you'll receive in an automated email. That'll help us connect the dots.

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