Combine existing individual memberships into a family membership

I currently have a trial Family membership and have invited my son and daughter, who already have Individual memberships. However, the invitations do not give them the option to keep their current vault, etc. Regarding billing, my son is paying month-to-month, while my daughter prepaid for the year. I plan to pay for the Family membership on an annual basis. Can we get credit for the unpaid portion of my daughter's individual membership? Several related posts indicate that Tech Support needs to get involved to make these changes.

1Password Version: 7.2.581
Extension Version: Chrome
OS Version: Windows 7, macOS 10.13?, iOS 12.1, Android 8.1?
Sync Type: iCloud
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  • brentybrenty

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    It isn't possible to "combine" accounts. They're completely separate, with their own billing and encryption keys. You'd need to invite them to your 1Password Families membership, and then they'd need to sign into both accounts in the app and copy their data to the new one. Once all of that is done, each of you should shoot us an email at [email protected] and then post each of the Support IDs you receive here so I can take a look and help you with any credits needed. :)

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