1Password running on my PC and Android device, Sync with Dropbox, not possible on new Android phone

1pwd for Android v 7.0.8 is working on my old Android phone (sync Dropbox)
1pwd for PC v is working on my PC Windows 10 (sync Dropbox)
1pwd 7 ? on my new phone cannot find vault when I select dropbox to set it up. Not ablet to select another folder...
Dropbox app is installed on my new phone, under folder Apps sits the folder 1Password.

1Password Version:
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Dropbox
Referrer: forum-search:New android device doesn't find dropbox vault


  • On my old Android phone the vault sits under:

  • periperi

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    Hi @DeVeeck. Can you let me know a bit more about the problem? Are you seeing an error when trying to select the vault? Do you have any other vaults in Dropbox? Also, does your 1Password.opvault folder have a profile.js file in it?

  • This is the folder structure in Dropbox.
    Do have a profile.js file in

    In the root I also have the following file:

    On my new Android phone

    After selecting Dropbox I get the following screens:

  • periperi

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    Thanks @DeVeeck. You don't by chance have more than one Dropbox account, do you?

  • Yes I do, I have one for private use and one for work.

  • But everything is working fine on:
    Old Android phone
    Only the new Android phone is not functioning.

  • periperi

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    Thanks @DeVeeck. I wonder if the Android phone is linked to the wrong Dropbox account. Can you launch the Dropbox app on this device, or sign into the website, and let me know if it's linked to the same Dropbox account you're signed into from the PC?

  • DropBox on the PC
    DropbBox on the New Android mobile

  • periperi

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    Thanks @DeVeeck. Can you sign into each one of your Dropbox accounts? Do you have /Apps/1Password/1Password.opvault showing in each? Also, if you view your linked apps in Dropbox, do you see 1Password linked in both accounts?

  • Hi Peri,

    Thank for your support, hope this helps :-)

    Please below a photo of both Android devices via the dropbox app, old and new.


    When I log in with a browser and acces my account I find the below.

    Also noticed on my 2 laptops that the data is not consistant, when I go in the app File/Reopen 1 Password vault:

    PC 1
    1Password for windows

    User account private: c:\users\eric\dropbox\apps\1Password\1Password.opvault and c:\users\eric\dropbox\apps\1Password\1Password.agilekeychain
    I have (e.g. logins 288)

    1Password for windows

    User account private: c:\users\ericv\dropbox\apps\1Password\1Password.opvault and c:\users\ericv\dropbox\apps\1Password\1Password.agilekeychain
    I have (e.g. logins 285)

    User account work: c:\users\ex03018\dropbox\apps\1Password\1Password.agilekeychain
    I have (e.g. logins 261)

    1Password Version 7.2.5
    I have (e.g. logins 329)

    On my old Android device
    1Password for Android 7.0.9
    (e.g. logins 288)

    Really don't understand what is going wrong in this case.

    Isn't there a quick way to resolve these issues?
    Like moving away from Dropbox to a more rigid solution?

    Want to acces the 1Password files via:

    • PC (1,2 and 3 in the future)
    • iPad
    • New Android device

    I would like to address this via the best and quickest solution...

    Please advise…


  • brentybrenty

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    @DeVeeck: Unless there is something wrong with Dropbox itself, you should just need to open the same vault in 1Password on both devices:


    If you're still having trouble, this guide can help you figure out what's wrong and right it:


    However, there is a better way: a 1Password.com membership. Since you simply login to your account to authorize a device and access your data, there's none of this sync configuration stuff to deal with. It also gives you access to all of the apps, the web interface, and does away with license management altogether. You can try it for free for 30 days to take advantage of all of its benefits.

    Either way, let me know if you have any questions. :)

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