Switching my wife’s and my individual Apple subscription into a single family account


Sorry for duplication as I see this topic generally addressed in the forums, but not quite my precise case.

Long story short, I signed up for a 1password account through the Apple store. My wife then did so too using her own Apple ID. Naively, I thought we would be able to merge the subscriptions into a family subscription later. I see now that is not possible.

I would like to do to the following in the following order:
1) convert my personal Apple subscription into a family subscription directly through 1Password;
2) Have my wife join my new family subscription with her existing 1Password account (and cancel her personal Apple subscription in the process);
3) Invite to my family plan some other family members that are on the free Thanksgiving 1 year plan that we gave out.

Is this possible to do without having to set up a new 1Password account to use (I.e., can we continue to use our existing 1Password accounts under the new subscription) and without losing any access to our 1Password accounts for any time? We are totally dependent on 1Password now so if we lost access even temporarily it would be devastating.

Finally, just for my knowledge, one reason I want to do this switch is to start using a Yubikey 2 factor authentication, but I am obviously paranoid about losing the key and thus access. I see family members can recover accounts for one another. After doing this would my wife be able to recover my account and vice versa?


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  • Also, I noticed in another post that it would be possible to prorate the amount paid to Apple (1 year) against my new subscription cost to 1Pass upon presentation of a receipt. I would like to do so if possible here. So please email me if you need the details.


  • Just checking in on when I can expect a response to my inquiry. I would like to get this wrapped up sooner than later. Really like 1Password so just want to get it settled in with my family.

  • I saw from other posts that I needed to cancel each of mine and my wife's individual Apple subscriptions. I did so.

    I also sent an email to support with links to our individual receipts from Apple. The Support ID I received back is [#XVL-13719-689]. Please let me know what I need to do next.

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    Thanks @dpirko. I see we've received your email and our sales team will be in touch as soon as possible.


  • Thanks. Megan reached out to get me all set. She was awesome.

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    Glad to hear it. :) Happy holidays.


  • It would have been great to know how to the solution as I have a similar situation. I've been a 1Password user for about 10 years. Some 4 years ago I converted my husband. Now, having finally upgraded to High Sierra, I have no choice but to upgrade to 1Password 7. And it seems a good idea for us to have a family account. But I have been dreading this whole experience because I can;'t find enough information as to how it's actually supposed to work.

    So far, not good.

    I clicked on your family account link, set up my membership account and downloaded the App. Installed the App. Already I think I have a problem with 'Master Password'. When setting up the membership account, I was unable to use my existing master password. So I used a variant with some of the letters capitalised. The version 7 App responded to the original password I've been using for 10 years, and appears to be fully populated with my data. I can log into my membership on the website with the Master Password I entered when creating the membership account online. But I cannot add my membership to the App. I go to Preferences, select Accounts and attempt to 'Sign in to your 1Password account on this Mac'. The first hurdle was trying to figure out what was meant by 'Sign-in Address'. I think that means the membership account website address. The last straw is that with all the information filled in, clicking the 'Sign in' button just generates a muted bonking noise. I cannot dismiss the sign-in form by clicking cancel.

    What to do? And if I can get past this, what next?????? There's still the hurdle of migrating my husband's existing account.

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    @Deborah Loth: There is no one-size-fits-all solution, especially not knowing any of the specifics. But generally speaking what you need to do is setup the !p Families membership (which it sounds like you've done) and then also invite your family members.

    It sounds like you're getting stuck on setting up the app though, and you're probably getting the "bonking noise" because there's some system message you need to attend to. It's difficult to know what that might be without any details though. But since I see you've also emailed us separately for some reason, I'll follow up with you there to get more information.

    ref: IVI-15944-321

  • Turns out, what moved me along was:

    • Force quitting the 1Password 7 App. It was impossible to quit the App or change any other settings with the preferences window stuck on the sign in which wasn't working.
    • Changing my original 1Password password, which is the only thing which opened the App, to match the Master Password set when I created the new 1Password membership. (At the time I had tried to use my original 1Password password, but the online system didn't like it and kept asking for capital letters and numbers.)

    I think I gave you enough information to solve this in my original message. Hope you continue to keep an eye out today, as we'll doubtless have other problems.

    Already I find myself wondering why the Primary vault on my Mac (in the App) is not synced (it has more entries) and not syncing with the Personal vault in 1Password online.

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    The contents of the Primary vault should be moved to the Personal vault and then the Primary vault should be deleted:


    From then on 1Password will unlock with the Master Password you set up for 1Password.com. As today is Christmas Eve we have limited staffing today but we'll try to keep an eye out. :+1:


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