Cannot cancel subscription auto-renewed without noticed

Two days ago I received an email stating that payment for the next year failed, which makes sense since I have migrated to using a new credit card during 2018. I noticed this email early morning the day after it was sent, immediately after which I sent an email to 1Password support (response pending).

Going into the 1Password billing page, I cannot find a way to cancel my subscription. I do not wish to use 1password anymore.

Will I have to pay for another year in order to cancel my subscription? I would really not like to do so.

While I still need access to read my passwords for a few more weeks, my understanding is that this is offered to "frozen accounts" (i.e. accounts with a cancelled subscription). Since I do not wish to pay for another year of 1Password, however, I have avoided modifying any of my passwords ever since I noticed the email sent two days ago (since modifying is not offered to frozen accounts as far as I understand).

What should I do?

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    Hi @InnocentVillain

    I'm not seeing any emails from the email address you have registered here on the forum. Could you please post the support ID you received when you emailed in so we can avoid duplicating efforts? As for your question... you can learn about how to cancel your subscription here:

    Manage your 1Password subscription

    The instructions will vary depending on if you are subscribed through Apple or through us directly, but either way that guide will point you in the right direction. You are correct that you can continue to view your data, but not modify it, when your account is frozen.

    I hope that helps. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.


  • My support request ID was [#GZS-26555-952].

    Reading the article you linked, I am unable to do this:

    To cancel an active subscription, click Billing in the sidebar, then click Billing Settings. Click Unsubscribe from Plan.

    Because there is no Unsubscribe button. I assume this is because I have to figure out billing.

    Is there a way I can cancel this without paying for an entire full year? I originally attempted less than a day past the deadline (of which there was no advance notice) but was unable to do so.

    I am willing to pay for another month of 1password in order to cancel it, if that is necessary.

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    Thanks @InnocentVillain. As we'll need to get into some details regarding your account to further troubleshoot this for you let's continue the conversation via email. Thank you for providing your support ID. I'll be in touch via email shortly.


    ref: GZS-26555-952

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