Mac HDD crashed


  • I cannot make this work either. Very irritating!

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Hi there @skate50. I'm sorry for the hassle. :(

    Are you able to migrate your data using the link that brenty provided?

    If not, at which exact step did you get stuck?

  • I spent 10 hours figuring this out, but was finally successful.

    1Password support was useless. TOTALLY USELESS!!!!!!!

    There is nothing complicated about it except 1Password online instructions are USELESS!

    My Mac HDD crashed and there was no available help about recovery.
    (Total version hell.... 1Password not compatible with the OS; OS not compatible with the old Mac Pro hardware; instructions for iOS iPad, iOs iPhone, Mac El Capitan, Linux Mint, Chrome OS, are all different.) I finally was able to install a 1Password 6 version to recover almost 200 passwords from an old backup file. (Wit constant annoying concerns about needing to upgrade to 1Password 7.)

    1Password online instruction/menus are useless; email support is TOTALLY UNSATISFACTORY - even chat would be better. (If I have to create a twitter account to get support, it will be a total 1Password flaming event.)

    Once solved and installed, 1Password X (A despicable reference to Apple OSX - another disaster.) seems to work OK, However, I reserve judgement until after I have used it for a while.

    ** Please Note: I migrated all these data to a LastPass subscription in 5 minutes. I am hoping this service can replace 1Password.

    I fear that 1Password has so complicated their product that it has defeated its own purpose.

    When will the tech industry services realize that their business is about user experience and learn to communicate clearly, precisely and effectively? (incomplete sentences; non-sequiturs; presumptuous acronyms and technical references; and general incoherence seem to be acceptable customer service.)

    After 10 years with 1Password, I am a very unsatisfied customer.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    I'm sorry that you feel that way, but the reality is that you gave us very little to work with. I'm glad that you were ultimately able to get it sorted using the information you had yourself though. We only know what you tell us. If you're happy using something other than 1Password, then I'm happy for you. I'd rather you use a competitor's product than nothing at all. Stay safe out there.

  • In the end I had to resolve this by myself, wasting many hours and ruining a customer relationship in the process.

    Support from 1Password (both online and by email) was useless to me.

    This matter could have been resolved in 5 minutes through chat or phone support.

    1Password's email support is totally inadequate. Worthless.

    I regret that your reply did not include: "We regret your inconvenience, and we are evaluating more interactive methods to support our product."

    This is a true shame.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Sorry, but when you tell us only that you "cannot make this work" and that you're having trouble with some instructions without offering any specifics, the best we can do is guess at the problem you're having and what the solution might be. Interactive support is a two way street. We're not mind readers, and under the circumstances you're just being rude. Take care.

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