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On my Mac, I can see my credit cards listed in the Credit Cards section of the main 1Password app, but they are no longer showing up in the 1Password Mini app that I can access via the Mac toolbar or via the extensions in my browsers (current versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari). I tried quitting and restarting 1Password, but no change. Items in all other categories are displaying fine. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

1Password Version: 7.2.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.14.2
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • chadseldchadseld 1Password Developer

    Team Member

    Hi Toshen,

    Can you check the display scope on your credit cards? To do this, open 1Password, select the card, and click Edit. Then scroll down near the bottom and look for a "display" section. If the value for that section is "Never Suggest in Browser" then the item will not appear in 1Password mini.

  • ToshenToshen
    edited December 2018

    Thank you for responding, chadseld. Back in June, I set that value to "Never Suggest in Browser" based on this topic: https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/90439/1password-7-suggested-items-almost-always-shows-credit-cards
    specifically, this comment: https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/comment/445069/#Comment_445069

    Between June 25 and sometime recently (probably 12/19/2018 when 7.2.4 was release), that choice prevented my credit cards from almost always being shown in the Suggested Items list of 1Password Mini; however, they still showed up in the Credit Cards list. In my opinion, this option was working properly.

    Now they don't show in the Credit Cards list anymore. This seems to be a bug. The option is "Never Suggest in Browser," not "Never Display in Browser."

    I can confirm that deselecting the "Never Suggest in Browser" option causes the credit cards to show up in the Credit Cards list again, but they also start showing up in the Suggested Items list on almost every page I visit, including this one. Again, this seems like buggy behavior to me, and something that changed with the release of 7.2.4.

    Just reading the release notes, I bet this is the change: Fixed an issue where the Display In Browser setting was being ignored. {apple-issues#1323} . But I think this is a misunderstanding. The section of options is called "Display," but the actual option is "Never Suggest in Browser." In my opinion, this option has been working correctly between June 25 and the release of 7.2.4, but is now broken.

  • brentybrenty

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    @Toshen: Sorry for the confusion. This is working as designed. This is a feature going back nearly a decade, and the bug was a recent one introduced in version 7. The bug, #1323, which was fixed in 7.2.4, released earlier this month, was that 1Password was displaying Credit Card items in the browser when they had been set not to display there. No items set to "Never" display should be showing up when using 1Password in the browser. If you find that any are, please let us know so we can address that.

  • ToshenToshen
    edited January 2019

    Thank you for your reply, brenty. In that case, this option is mislabeled. It isn't labeled "Never Display in Browser"; rather, it is labeled "Never Suggest in Browser." There are two places where a credit card can be shown in 1Password Mini: In the Suggested Items list and in the Credit Card list. If the option were labeled "Never Display in Browser," then I (as an end user) would expect it to not be displayed anywhere. But if it is labeled "Never Suggest in Browser," then I'd expect it to not be displayed in the Suggested Items list, but to still be accessible for use in the Credit Card list when I want to use it.

    I've been using 1Password for many years now and never before version 7 did I experience having to choose between having access to my credit cards when I need them and having them needlessly be suggested to me in the 95% of cases when they aren't appropriate, for example, when looking at this page.

    I would ask that you show this topic and the previous one I mentioned above to your product managers so they can think about ways they might be able to create a better user experience, or at the very least, better labeling of the option. From my point of view as an end user, this was working as I would want it to for the six month period between the end of June and the end of December. Now you say it is working as intended, but from my perspective as an end user, it is now a worse user experience.

  • brentybrenty

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    @Toshen: I think you're getting hung up on the wording. It isn't mislabeled. We've revised the text. I am sorry that's caused confusion for you though. You seem to be thinking of this in a very Mac-centric way, but it applies to browser integration on Windows as well, as it's a Login item feature, not something specific to the new 1Password for Mac version 7 mini UI.

    Having 1Password list Credit Cards and Identities that it can use to fill along with Logins for a website is intentional. I'm sorry that you don't care for it, but contrary to your claims of a "worse experience" it isn't hurting you, and will only bother you if you insist that we must change it to suit you. 1Password will not force you to fill credit card details; it only takes an action when you tell it to -- like when it stopped showing those items in your browser since you set it that way.

    We'll continue to iterate on the new design, but keep in mind that we need to consider everyone who uses 1Password, and evaluate any changes we might make accordingly. You have let your personal preferences be known. I hope you'll allow that others don't necessarily feel the same way.

  • @brenty. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't be judgmental in your response to me. I'm not "hung up"; rather, I'm addressing the wording of an option that indicates to me that either the feature isn't working on macOS the way the wording suggests it should or the wording is imprecise. Actually, it seems to me that you may not have read my feedback carefully enough because your response doesn't really address the issue I'm reporting.

    Again, I would ask that you show this topic and the previous one I mentioned above to your product managers so that they can evaluate my feedback.

    And while I use 1Password 7 on Windows, iOS, and Android in addition to macOS, this feedback is about the macOS experience. That's why I posted my feedback in this section of the forum. The category I'm talking about, Suggested Items, doesn't even exist on Windows, iOS, or Android; it exists only in the macOS 1Password 7 Mini dialog box.

  • brentybrenty

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    "Hung up" is a figure of speech, not a judgement. "Suggested items" is not a category; it's a feature in 1Password or Mac version 7. What you're referring to is not an issue; it's the way 1Password s designed to work. And as I mentioned above, we'll continue to iterate on the new design, and evaluate things according to feedback we receive from you and everyone else. Thanks.

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