Reset 2-factor authentication

Hello everybody, first thread :)

I've deleted by mistake my 2-factor authentication app from my iPhone so can't login to my account anymore.
Any idea of how to reset the 2-factor authentication?


1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version: 1.13.2
OS Version: OS 10.14.2
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    @cbellanga: Welcome to the forum! :) I'm sorry it isn't under better circumstances.

    It sounds like you may have locked yourself out of your account by not having the authentication code. Is that correct? If so, we may be able to help, but it can a number of days to do so, since there's a verification process and changes that need to be made to your account if everything checks out.

    If you are temporarily away from the device where your authentication code is generated, it may be best to wait until you have access to that device again. Alternatively, you could use a device that is already signed in, whether it's one of the 1Password apps or a browser you've signed in with before. The code is only needed when signing into a new device/browser, so you could access your account on an existing device and disable it from there:

    1. Click your name in the top right and select My Profile on in a browser where you've already signed in previously
    2. Click More Options on the left and select Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication.

    From there, you can also re-enable 2FA to get a new TOTP secret and set it up again if you wish. Just be sure to save a backup somewhere safe.

    Finally, several authenticator apps have backup and recover options. Authy is one example of an app that allows you to recover your 2FA codes if you lose your phone. You can find their instructions here:

    But even if you don't use Authy, it's worth checking to see if your authenticator app has options available for recovery.

    However, if you're part of a 1Password Teams/Business plan, another admin could help you recover your account, which could allow you to regain access:

    Otherwise, if you won't have access to the device where the authentication code is generated going forward, or any other devices you've already authorized with your account, We'll need you to answer some questions before we can proceed. Please email us at [email protected] from your account's registered email address and post the Support ID here.

  • Hi @brenty - many thanks for the quick response. I can confirm I've managed to disable the 2-factor authentication following your instructions (phew!). Many thanks for the help :)

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    @cbellanga - glad to hear it! On behalf of brenty you're quite welcome. Glad he was able to assist.

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    Hi there, I have a similar issue. I changed both my phone and laptop after changing jobs. I now have a new phone and laptop and don’t have access to my old devices anymore. Even when I try to login under this link:

    It still asks me for a 2fa authentication code, but my duo-mobile 2fa app is unable to generate a code since it states I need to ‘reconnect’ with my 1password account by logging in. I’m essentially locked out of the account, despite having all the login keys. Can someone help.

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    I've already replied to you in another thread. I'll close this one.

    Anyone else with a similar issue should refer to my post above.

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