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Today I was wondering what would be the best app to make the switch from my standalone, classic Dropbox vault to
Currently I have an iPhone with the beta app version 7.2.5, a Mac with 1Password 6 (can't upgrade to 7 because of the old mac OS version) and 1Password 7.3.654 beta on Windows 10.
I'm especially concerned about losing the links between my secure notes and the attached files (which will be converted to Documents I guess) and I need an app that can re-link those back together. Also I need the app to be able to convert my existing folders into tags.
Which app on which platform would be suited best for this?

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    @Manaburner - hey there!

    Today I was wondering what would be the best app to make the switch from my standalone, classic Dropbox vault to

    Whoa! - big things afoot! 😳👍C'mon in, the water's fine. :)

    Ordinarily, I'd recommend using the most-current application you have, which would be the Windows app, since you're hardware--limited on the Mac to 1Password 6 for Mac. And 1Password 7 for Windows has made big strides since the release of version 7. However, in the specific area of linking items to one another, it depends a bit on what you want, for the following reason: 1Password 7 for Windows will allow you to add new Document items, and you can link existing items to one another, but there's no "Add New" button in the item detail view like there is in 1Password for Mac (even version 6). If all you want to do is re-link existing linkages that were present in your standalone attachments setup, then 1Password 7 for Windows would work fine. But if you want to be able to add new Document items and have them linked directly to existing items in one step, that doesn't exist (yet; it's coming).

    One more thing to be aware of: linkages are NOT bi-directional. In other words, if you open Item A and click "link existing", it will create a link in item A that will link you to whatever Item B you specify. But if you click the Documents category and select Item B manually, you will not find a corresponding link back to Item A. You can, of course, create one...but it's not done automatically (for now, on any platform). Hope that helps! :)

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    Thank you @Lars I was not aware of the "Add New" functionality on the Mac app, so I don't miss anything :-)
    I also know that linking is not bi-directional and it's fine for me and in my use case not needed. I only want to make sure that the a Secure Note links to a corresponding license file. Maybe I realize that the link is not necessary at all.

    And how about converting folders to tags? Is the Windows version able to do that?
    What will happen with the conversion when identical tags already exist in the target vault?

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    And how about converting folders to tags? Is the Windows version able to do that?

    Very well. But I'm a little confused -- if you've already upgraded to the current version of 1Password 7 for Windows, your old static folders should've been converted to tags when you made that jump, not when you switch from a Dropbox setup to a account. Is that not what happened?

  • @Lars Oh wow you are right, I have not noticed that until now
    OK then I'll start moving over my items and hope everything is going smooth. There's no migration assistant like in the Mac version of 1Password right?

  • Hi @Lars I'm happy to report that all relations between Secure Notes and attachments have been kept and the attachments are now displayed as linked documents inside the Secure Notes and can be opened from there. No manual work from my side required

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    @Manaburner - awesome! Glad things went smoothly for you! :)

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