Can't get 1Password 6 (2-license) to work on the new iMac

Hi, I just bought a new Mac and wanted to get version 6 working on the iMac High Sierra 10.13.4 . I have no secret key, no scan that I can perform. So in the old computer I can't set up the secret key because I don't have an account on scan anything.

Rant begins.
I get it you want to push me to the same that everyone else does, pay, pay, pay, pay, pay. Unless we pay you every month none of the software companies are happy. Rant over. I am very frustrated.

I cannot get the old vault file found in Dropbox or set it up or import it. I tried to set up the 6 as a trial version and find my files - no luck. There is no sync version. I know I have a license for both computers and the app on my phone. Now this is becoming this huge and time consuming thing.

You don't make it easy for me.
I want my 1Password to work on my new computer. I work on two machines, my iMac and my laptop and my. I already send an email to support two days ago - no answer.

1.) Can I get 6 to work on this machine? Or as I suspect I have to buy a new license.
2.) How do I get my passwords to sync? Will it only sync when I pay for this, so it won't work in trial version?
3.) Do I have to buy a new version for two computers and pay pay pay pay pay and also a new version for the iphone?
4.) How can I upgrade the file.

1Password used to be so simple. This is not it. Did I mention how frustrated I am?

Thank you,

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  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator
    1. As long as you have a licence for version 6 (or are using the same Apple ID if you bought from the App Store), you can use it on as many Macs as you want. I would not recommend using version 6 long-term, as it is no longer being developed, but it certainly works. You can buy a licence for version 7 if you get it direct from AgileBits., but the App Store version is subscription only.

    2. With a licenced version, you have to set up syncing yourself, using Dropbox or iCloud. That's one of several advantages of the subscription, syncing is automatic with a sub, there's nothing to set up.

    3. As noted in answer 1, one licence covers two (or more) Macs. The basic iPhone version is free, but most people pay for additional Pro features. With a sub, all platforms are included.

    4. Do you mean upgrading to 1PW7? If you download direct from AgileBits, then at the start where you see a big green button saying Subscribe Nw there is also aline in small print saying Need a Licence.We have those too. Click on that to get to a purchase page.

  • Thanks, I bit the bullet this morning and upgraded to 7. I can't spend this kind of time on it. Thank you for your insights

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    Welcome to the forum, @BeaChe! I'm sorry for the confusion and frustration.

    I get it you want to push me to the same that everyone else does, pay, pay, pay, pay, pay. Unless we pay you every month none of the software companies are happy.

    If you want a membership, you can choose either a monthly or annual option; it doesn't have to be monthly if you don't want that. That said, yes, like all businesses, we do need recurring revenue in order to keep paying the 130ish people who work here creating the software you're using. However, we do still have standalone licenses available for those who want them. Each license works only for the version it was purchased for, however, meaning that a previous license for version 3 or version 5 will not work to license the current, entirely new version 7.

    @danco's comments are entirely correct -- version 6 will work - for now - if you've already upgraded to macOS 10.14 (“Mojave”), but due to significant changes made by Apple to Safari 12 (which ships with Mojave), we don't know for how much longer that will be true. I see in your follow-up reply, you've upgraded to version 7; welcome aboard and thank you! Did you choose the license purchase option, or did you decide to go with a membership? If you chose the membership, enjoy the 30 days free. Were you able to successfully import your existing data into your account? And if so, did you remember to remove your no-longer-necessary standalone vault, as well as get your other devices set up? Let us know if you have any additional questions or comments. :)

  • Hello Lars,
    Thank you for your answer. I chose the membership so I can run the program across all devices much easier. I have the laptop, iMac and phone connected and everything seems to work.
    I do have one more question. My daughter has a laptop and a phone. For the 5 license membership I should be able to add her to this account? I do not want to share my passwords with her, neither does she want to share her passwords with me. Is there a way to do this?
    Thank you,

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    @BeaChe - great! So, if you signed up for an individual account, inviting family members is really easy. When you do, your account will convert automatically. Each family member will get his/her own Personal vault, plus access to the family-wide Shared vault. The personal vault can only be viewed/used by that person, but the Shared vault is by default available to everyone in the account. That makes it a great place for things like the family Netflix password (where you all share a single login credential), garage door or building codes, and the like. You, as Family Organizer, can also create and share as many additional vaults as you like. Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Can't find the add people in the sidebar and now I am supposed to upgrade it again? More money?
    I have five licenses, can't I give one to my daughters computer? Why would anyone need five licenses unless they want to share it? Your link to family sharing is bad, the other link is not useful because I can't add people.
    This is so complicated.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @BeaChe - I'm not quite sure what you mean; there is no such thing as a "five-license membership," since licenses are not the same thing as a membership. A few years ago we sold Family Licenses which were indeed standalone licenses that worked for up to five people, installed individually on their Macs. But we haven't sold those for some time, and they wouldn't work for version 7 anyway. Their replacement since early 2016 has been 1Password Families, which allows the benefits of membership for up to five people. If you already have a 1Password Families account, then all you need to do is click "Invitations" in the right sidebar and invite your daughter (and anyone else).

    I'm sorry about the broken link above; I've corrected it. I know this seems complicated right now; it's really not, as you get into it. You're closer than you think. Go ahead and invite your daughter, and have her sign up -- help her choose a good Master Password and both of you should print out and save your Emergency Kit. Let me know if you run into any troubles.

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