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I am having difficulty logging into my app. I am trying to sign in with my master password that i have been using since day 1 and i am getting a failed log in attempt. I first attempted this on my ipad gen 4 device, i also have a iphone 8plus that i was using touch id on, i signed out and now i am getting failure on my iphone. I know i am trying the correct password that i setup as i have it written down, my question is when i updated to version 7 was there a time i was forced to change my master password? I can't remember if that was the case or not at which point if i did i am probably screwed.

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  • Is no one of assistance on my issue?

  • brentybrenty

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    @GGauer: You're not forced to change your Master Password, and in order to change it at any time you would need to enter the current one correctly first anyway. Only you ever knew it, so it isn't really something we can assist you with. However, the tips in this guide as may be helpful:

    Otherwise, if you're part of a 1Password Family or Team, another Owner, Organizer, or Admin can help you recover your account, so you can create a new Secret Key and Master Password:

    If that doesn't help though, you will need to either restore from a backup, sync from another device, or simply start over. You can try as many times as you want. You won’t be “locked out”, but you will not be able to access your data unless you can enter the required Master Password correctly. Do you have your 1Password data on another device?

  • I am using the iCloud sync so is there a way to go back to a previous version on that? I’m thinking something happened to my data file.

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    @GGauer: No. iCloud does not have incremental backups of data stored there. Again, do you have your 1Password data on another device? I'm trying to establish what your options might be, and I really don't have anything to work with unless I know where you've been using 1Password previously. Thanks in advance.

  • I was strictly using it on an iPhone plus and an iPad gen 4. I haven’t been able to sign into either device using what my master password is.

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    @GGauer: You would only be able to "sign in" if you have a membership subscription account. So I wonder if that's the source of the confusion.

    However, if the data in iCloud is damaged, that could definitely affect multiple devices, as the only job of a sync service is to sync any changes. I guess I just feel like there must be more to the story than what you've shared so far, because we just don't hear from people about stuff like this happening overnight. But I suppose anything is possible.

    Unfortunately we won't be able to recover your data, as we never have access to it. If you don't have it stored anywhere else, you will need to start over. There just isn't any way around that. But if you'll let me know what you have to work with, I'll be happy to help walk you through things.

    Did you backup your 1Password data at some point?

    Did you sync it to other devices, or could you do so now to see if you're able to open the vault elsewhere?

    Let me know and we'll go from there.

  • When I say sign in I’m talking about decrypting my password file with the master password. I’ve been using this program for 3+ years now without any previous issues I still feel like something happened in the upgrade process but if I have no way of going back to another version of the file there isn’t much I can try there. I didn’t have it synced to any other device and I didn’t backup my data file since it was in iCloud I didn’t think there was a need. I’ll probably just have to start over which is unfortunate since I have many passwords with random characters that I have no recollection of. If I go with the pay version is this something that will be more avoidable in the future?

  • I need help
    I have had a iPhone. I just switched over to a note 9. Everyone of my apps saint over to the note 9 except for this app. I have had this app for a very long time and do not have a security code or a master password. I need this app to work. It has all of my info for work on it

  • Please respond

  • I can’t find my long security code

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    @rothkc This is a forum, not a live chat session. You can't expect replies immediately.

    You say you do not have a master password, but this is impossible. Were you working on Touch ID? That can work for most of the time, but every so often the master password is needed. If you have forgotten it, there are suggestions for recalling it in

    My Master Password is not being accepted. What should I do?

    but AgileBits cannot reset the password. Without the master password your data is inaccessible.

    You may well not have the long security code (it's called a Secret Key) as this is a feature of the subscription version, and if you have had 1PW for a very long time this may well be before subscriptions were introduced.

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    @GGauer: Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately we don't have any control over what happens on your device, or the upgrade process. I haven't encountered cases where the App Store rendered someone's data unusable after updating an app, but file corruption can happen, so it's always important to have a backup -- especially for important data. That's why we built a backup/restore feature into 1Password:

    Did you save a backup with that?

    I can't promise that you will not forget your password or lose data in the future just because you pay. However, since 1Password memberships include automatic offsite backup and item history, you could access your data in your account even if all of your devices are lost, stolen, or destroyed, just by signing in. That doesn't help you now, since you weren't already using that, but it could help you recover data in the future -- provided you do not lose your account credentials.

    If you'd like help setting that up, or if you find your data somewhere and need help syncing it back, shoot us an email at [email protected] and post the Support ID here. I'll be happy to help in any way I can.

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    @rothkc: 1Password encrypts your data, so a 3rd party app may not know how to handle copying it over to a new device. You could sync it over from the old device though:

    What OS and 1Password versions were you using there?

  • trying to reset master password. It's my fault. But please reset my password. I emailed and asked a week ago!

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    Hi @macfred

    I see we've received your email. It is not possible for us to reset anyone's Master Password, but I'll email you back with the options. Thanks.


    ref: NNU-95449-254

  • Thanks for your reply. I understand. I think I can get somewhere with directions from the website but I need to reset my account from scratch.

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    Gotcha. We'll continue the conversation via email.

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