what are vaults?

You and the community go on about vaults. What are they? Why do I want multiples? Why do I want to turn some of them off when I travel? I got this specifically to travel. Should I not use it?

Confused and can't find an FAQ that talks about this.

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  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @EverettDick: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion there! Vaults are containers used to store the items you save in 1Password. They make it possible to not only organize things, but also share them with only specific people. For example, most people want top share some things with their families securely...but not everything. Separating things into a Personal/Private vault which only you can access and family Shared vault which is also available to loved ones helps with that. I guess we could have called them "folders", "boxes", etc., but "vault" conveys that it is a secure place to store information -- folders and boxes....not so much. ;)

    Regarding travel, it is really up to you. When I travel internationally (or, let's be honest, even within the US), I can be in a position where I am asked to give government officials access to my devices. It's important for me to not have information on my devices that should not be accessible to anyone else, so that I can comply with the request/demand without doing wrong myself. This is not so much for me, but for others whom I have a responsibility to: family, friends, and, in my role here at 1Password, customers. I want to make sure that I don't have anything on my devices that would violate the privacy of the people who trust me in handing it over to authorities. I used to have to remove vaults manually before traveling, and then add them back afterward, and man was that a hassle -- it was one of the things I dreaded most about travel, which can be stressful in general (I always feel like I've forgotten something!) But the Travel Mode feature with 1Password memberships makes it so that I literally just flip a switch to remove any vaults not marked "safe for travel" from all of my devices.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • So then if I remove a vault (I assume that means removing passwords for some sites), how do I access those sites when I am traveling?

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @EverettDick: If you're removing them for travel for a reason, accessing them while doing so may conflict with that.

    But, as an example, if I'm going overseas for a few months and will need to access company resources while I'm "on the ground", I leave a copy of my Emergency Kit with someone I trust who is not traveling. That way I can get what I need to sign in again when I'm settled -- and also then there's someone with information that may be needed if something happens to me. :)

  • I guess I am confused on why I want to remove them. I am the only one using my devices. Do I not want my passwords available? I want to be able to use my iPad and iPhone on the road to access things. I plan on traveling for 3-4 months and that is why I am looking to simplify things with a password manager. Although I cannot figure out how to get anything into it nor how to sync it which doesn't matter if I can't get anything into it. (And none of the "auto" tranfers happened. Found lots of references and videos about how wonderful and easy this is. I would agree if it actually happened.)

    Thanks for your time with a frustrated newbie.

    And fortunately I was still logged in here on this other browser because no one knows what my password to the communities is. I would have hoped that 1Password would have grabbed it. Maybe Firefox did. I will check

  • brentybrenty

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    @EverettDick: If you don't have a reason to, don't. It's just an option that's available for cases where we do want to remove some information -- often information we do not ourselves own -- from our devices when traveling. :)

    As far as migrating your data to the account, can you tell me where you have your data currently? Is it in 1Password on one of your devices? If you mean that all of it is in your browser -- specifically Firefox -- that's not something 1Password can "grab". Firefox does not offer a way to do that, or a user export feature. There was some discussion about that here, and some options that you might be able to use:



  • Thanks, that answered my question. I am not missing something. Most of my passwords are in iCloud keychain. And I would probably leave them there were it not for Mac users I know and respect recommending things like 1Password. So I will just do a clean and purge of passwords as I move them over. Probably the simplest way.

    Hopefully they will start to sync between devices as I go.

    Thanks again for your patience and help.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @EverettDick - once you have all your data in a 1password.com account, it should be available anywhere you sign into your account. No need to hope, if you're signed into (and using) the same 1password.com account everywhere. Glad brenty was able to help explain travel mode to you. :)

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator

    @EverettDick ,

    The Firefox converter/importer should work fine. Its in the converter suite, under Testing Bits, version 1.11.

    You can also use the GetSafariPassswords script to grab your iCloud-based Safari passwords.

    Ask if you are interested in more help.

  • Thanks for everyone's help. I took a quick look at the two importer apps. I will use them later when I have more time. Don't want to tempt fate by trying them out with only a half hour window. (Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt multiple times.)

    I am starting to get a feel for this program. Although I think I may need to simplify my master password until I have most of the rest imported.

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator

    Sounds good @EverettDick ,

    See this post for info on the GetSafariScripts. I have not yet updated the converter suite documentation with those notes.

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