Which to buy for shared computers?

I'm already a 1Password user (individual account for my personal computer) and am upgrading my work computers and want to install better password security than what is baked into OSX and here I am!

SETUP: Small, independent retail store with a couple of different OSX terminals that get used for everything.
SCENARIO: I want to set different "permission levels" meaning I want some passwords to be accessible to every employee, others only accessible to managers, and still other only accessible to the owners. What may be an issues is that we are constantly jumping on and off of shared computers as a small retail store is a relatively aerobic job so signing on and off may be challenging.

Does one of the 1Password products accommodate this situation?

Thanks for the help!

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    @Avery: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion. 1Password is sold per person. And we never recommend people accessing sensitive data on a shared device unless they're okay with others having access to it there too, since it's easy for malice or mistakes to result in a compromise of the machine itself, which would affect everyone. 1Password also isn't a multi-user app; a single person stores their data in it, and protects it with their Master Password. However, the OS supports multiple separate user accounts, and each person could have their own 1Password setup under theirs. That's good not for security and privacy, but making sure you don't actually save something of yours in with someone else's data. There are no "levels"; instead, you can compartmentalize things so one person doesn't have access to all of everyone else's stuff. That's good not just for 1Password use, but for operational security in general. Given all of that, I'm not sure that there's a perfect fit for the specific criteria you've decided on. But the closest would be a 1Password membership that covers everyone who needs to use it in your business:


    Anyway, sorry to dump all of that on you, but I don't want you jeopardizing something as important to you as your business by sending you down a path that could lead to important information being accessible to someone who shouldn't have it. No matter what, I'd encourage you to reach out to [email protected] so we can go over more of the specifics to see what might be the best fit for you, and then help you implement it. :)

  • Thanks for all the detailed information and understood. Many products are not designed for our somewhat unique situation of shared terminals. (similar issues with slack etc...)

    So... since it sounds like I can't have one computer with different vaults with different permission levels I'm thinking of a family plan.

    We would have passwords on the work computer (I understand that all could access all passwords there).
    I can set up one shared vault for employees, one for my manager, and one for owners so they could have the benefit of accessing certain passwords and information at home on their personal computers. (Note we only have 5 employees including the manager)

    Does that sounds like the best setup if I want to share some (and different sets) of passwords with a few people? I'm not sure I see the added benefit of the business plan given the small size of my staff but would love some clarity there.

    Finally, I'm "month to month" on an individual 1passwords account. If I wanted to "upgrade" to a family plan (or a business plan for that matter) could I do that or should I just cancel that subscription and start a new one?

    Thanks again for the guidance.

  • Also, I understand that OSX supports multiple user accounts but these terminals also double as our POS system and given the work flow of a retail shop, it is not feasible to constant swap out current users every time someone gets up and sits down but I am cognicent of the potential general security concerns there.

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    1Password Families isn't eligible for business use, and isn't designed to be used in that sort of environment. 1Password Teams or 1Password Business would be the appropriate solution. Our business sales team can help point you in the right direction. They can be reached at [email protected].

    Have you considered multiple profiles within a web browser (Chrome or Firefox), opposed to multiple macOS user accounts? There is an article over on HowToGeek about how to require the Google password associated with each profile in Chrome over here:

    How to Lock Your Google Chrome Profile with a Password

    That way if someone needs to log in to a website from their shared terminal they can switch to their Chrome profile, log in with their Google account, and then access their 1Password account from the 1Password X browser extension. The downside is everyone would need a Google account and would need to memorize their Google password. This may not be a big deal if you're already using G Suite for company emails. Firefox may have something similar too but I'm less familiar with their offering. I know they support separate profiles, I'm just not sure what the limitations are.

    That might be something to consider.


  • Thanks for the (quick) feedback, Ben. I'll reach out the business team.

    Thanks for the suggestions and I'll look into logging in and out via a web browser but the I don't believe our workflow of hopping on and off of a terminal as customers come into the shop, as these terminals are front and center as POS terminals, would be conducive to that.

    We are a small retail store and not a larger "traditional"/big box store where one person is planted at the terminal and other are working the floor.

    Thanks for the help quick help and top notch customer service here.

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    In that case it may make the most sense to create a shared "POS" 1Password account within your 1Password Teams / 1Password Business membership that has access to all of the lowest level stuff. This would be the account that would remain logged into 1Password for Mac. If someone needs access to credentials from a higher level they'd need to log in to their own account within the business membership via the web interface to retrieve them.

    There is admittedly a bit of "you can't have it both ways" to the situation, unfortunately. The business team may have other ideas as well though.

    Thanks for the help quick help and top notch customer service here.

    You're very welcome.


  • That's just what I'm thinking to do.

    So we can sign in and out of various 1Password accounts on the same computer if need be?

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    Via the web interface you can, yes. You could also do so via the native apps but it isn't nearly as easy / convenient. I doubt the latter would be a real solution for you.


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