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  • Hi - I'd also like to upgrade from an individual subscription to the family subscription. I've canceled my subscription through iTunes (valid until 13th of January) and have opened a case with support with ID #KYZ-11236-175

    Thank you so much for help!

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    @dohgren - thanks for letting us know. I had a look at your support ticket, and it appears my colleague Adam has already assisted you, so you should be all set -- but let us know if you have any further questions or issues. Thanks!

  • Hi - I am in the same situation of having an Individual account that was paid for through iTunes and would like to upgrade to a family plan. I have 6 months remaining on my Individual account plan but do not want to wait for that to expire before upgrading for the family. Please advise what I need to do. Thx.

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    @Sparky2: I'll shoot you an email here shortly to help you with this. :)

  • Hello - I would like to upgrade from an individual to a family subscription as well. I have cancelled my subscription through apple and my support ID is ##ZTX-68687-554.

    Thank you!

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    Thanks @fsaenz. It looks like Jessy has already been in touch with you via email. Let's continue the conversation there, please. :+1:


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