Old passwords working on other computers, besides my personal one...?!?!

I am doing the trial of 1Password and having several issues - the main problem being that I have gone through and changed all my passwords using the password generator and working on my home computer. I have installed the 1Password plugin on my Chrome browser and on my Android phone. However, when I go to sign into an account on another computer, such as my one at work, it still accepts my old unsafe passwords! Why are they still working?!? Did I set something up incorrectly?

I am finding the initial set-up of 1Password to be very confusing and just wish I could talk with someone, feel it would clear up a lot... I have watched your videos and read through articles and forums and am still not clear on the right way to have done this initial set-up... clearly something is wrong because even after changing all my passwords on 1P my old ones are still working. It doesn't make any sense, please help!

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  • Greetings @dcheifetz,

    Change your passwords and make them stronger

    I'm starting with a link just so we have something to use as a common reference. My hope is from that page you'll see that 1Password is like a passive assistant, it can help you create stronger passwords but it can't automate the entire process, you have to visit each site in turn, generate a new password and change the password on the site. If all goes well 1Password recognises what is happening and prompts to update your Login item for that site. Should the worst happen though the Password Generator created a Password item as a safety net, something we detail on a page referenced from the page I've provided a link to, this second page being If you used the password generator and can’t find the password to sign in.

    I don't know this for certain but my initial feeling is that you are under the impression that the Password Generator took care of visiting the site and updating the password automatically and behind the scene. It would explain why your original passwords for various sites work. If I'm wrong in any way, if any part of the change passwords page I linked to isn't clear please let me know as well as any questions you have about the whole process.

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